Dear Supporters, Family and Friends

ALWAYS. Everyone is familiar with the Wal-Mart slogan, “Low prices. Always.” While in church services, We were thinking of the constant opportunities that abound JUST in the small village of Kisongo (not to mention the entire country of Tanzania or the entire continent of Africa). There are ALWAYS non-Christians who need teaching. Most of these people are not “cold calls” (to use salesman language). Most (like Lucy who visited this morning) are relatives of members and would welcome a Bible study. There are ALWAYS new converts who need additional teaching and encouraging. There are ALWAYS weak and unfaithful members who need the stronger members of the church to visit them. We know there is similar work to be done in America but here, especially with non-Christians and new Christians, much teaching is always needed and is welcomed by these people. ALWAYS.

SPEAKING OF THE ABOVE, in our last report we mentioned that the work permit has gone up to $550. As a part of the law, our children (listed as dependants on Jimmy’s work permit) are not allowed to teach any classes at church, conduct any Bible studies or attend any classes at the Andrew Connelly School of Preaching unless they have their own work permit. Our oldest girls, Lindsey and Abigail (16 years old), would like to conduct personal Bible studies and continue taking occasional classes at the ACSOP. Abigail, Heather and Candace would like to teach children’s classes at the church. They love being involved in this work. If you (as a congregation or an individual) would like to contribute to their work permits ($1100 total), we would be grateful. Simply earmark your check: “Lindsey and Abigail’s work permit” and mail it to East Side as normal.

THE GOSPEL CHARIOT.  “If a brother’s in the road, we will stop and pick him up…” remember this children’s song? That’s what we now call our van because we make the rounds in our neighborhood, picking up mainly women with babies and young children for church services so they don’t have to walk. This morning there was “standing room only” with babies in laps and everyone else “squashed,” but we made it safely.

THE MONTHLY CHILD-TRAINING CLASS was conducted yesterday. Previous material was reviewed. Then we discussed such questions as “Is it a small thing when your child disobeys you?” We discussed the importance of beginning training early when they are “soft clay.” It was made clear that when parents fail to train their children to obey that the parents are disobeying God’s command. 

The students of the ACSOP go out each week and do evangelism in various parts of the country. Matthew Laizer goes to Longido where he has helped plant a congregation. Vincent usually goes with Jimmy on his studies with Lembris, Rosemary, Isaac and Usta. And Desderry Massawe takes some students to Arusha. Others go out with other instructors. Much good is being done and many are being taught. Thank you for your continued support which makes it all possible. 

In Christ,
The Gee's

Posted on September 4, 2011 .