Reaching The Lost In East Africa...

We are doing fine here in  Busia Uganda. Today I worshiped at Nandwa Churuch of Christ. We left Busia town with my daughter Edith, her husband Emanuel and the two grand sons, Joel and Montel. When we were half way of our journey to Nandwa, I saw people pointing at my vehicle

as I drove. We stopped to see what they were trying to point at. We found that we had a low tire. We had nothing to do as there was no place near where we could fill the air. We decided to go slowly on the rough road full of pot holes. We arrived when they had already begun the worship. 

Our beloved sister in Christ Anyango Lilian passed away on 4th July and she was buried on 6th July in Nandwa Village. This sister has been struggling with cancer for about three years. She has been a faithful member of Nanndwa Church of Christ. She left her son who is fourteen years old. 

The two students who had gone to Congo for registration have come back. Brother Samson Omutele, one of our instructors from Nairobi, was called to go back so that he can attend

to his son's fund raising preparation. In Kenya people help raise funds for people who might be need of things like school fees, hospital bills and even marriage weddings. Samson's elder son is joining university and the brother does not have enough money to pay for his fees. The fund raising will take place on 15th August 2011. Pray for him so that all invited to attend the fund raising may came for the occasion. 

Our brother Ellias Omollo from Lieta church of Christ in South Nyanza province of Kenya is organizing a campaign for Christ in his area starting from 10th August 2011 to 13th August 2011. Pray for the success of this campaign. East Africa Gospel Meeting will also be starting on 15th August 2011 up to 21st August 2011. Members of churches of Christ in East Africa are planning to attend this meeting. We need your prayers so that many people may attend. During this one week gospel meeting, we have classes where teachers from different churches are assigned subjects to teach every morning from 8:00 am to 9:00 am. From 9:00 on we go home to home up to lunch hour. After lunch we have one class and at 3:00 pm we all go out in the market place to publicly teach in the open for about two hours. Those who come for this gospel meeting carry their food and some money. We put all this food together in store and money one treasury. Food is prepared and we all eat together for this one week. Christians will come from Tanzania, Kenya, Congo and different parts of Uganda for this great week. We need your prayers for this. May the Lord bless you. 

Francis Wechesa

Posted on July 10, 2011 .