Planting, Watering And God Gives The Increase...

Greetings Fellow Workers;

What a week we have been blessed with. We think of you all often, praying God’s blessings continue in your faithful lives in Him. We said farewell to our good friends and fellow workers from OK (one from TN). Brad Whinery, Rod Minor and Matt Richardson led a group of 18 others on what proved to be one of the best Safari for Souls ever. We also received three new co-workers, Brain Horner, Austin Horne, and Jessica Smith, all from TN. They are working primarily at Kisongo, but also doing some follow-up work at Manyire. In the last two weeks, 16 souls have been added to the Lord’s Church. This week the Kisongo congregation will conduct our fourth SFS campaign of this year.

This past week was one of those special weeks in the on going Tanzania 2000 mission effort. The Tanzania Youth Conference was hosted by the Arusha Church of Christ, with the activities of the week being held at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching here at Kisongo. 125 young people from 20 different congregations throughout Tanzania came together in an effort to grow in Christ! The event was planned, conducted, and funded by the Church here in Tanzania. The idea came from the example of The TZ2000 mission effort. Yes, it is working and God is doing mighty things here in East Africa. The future looks bright as our good brothers and sisters in Christ continue to grow and take personal and congregational responsibility in the work of God.

Today the majority of the youth worshiped in Arusha. They lead in all aspects of the worship, an example to be followed by the young throughout the world. The four and a half hour service was inspiring on many levels. The singing could not have been better as they with one voice praised God in song. One young man was restored, making it a special day indeed.

One of the more impressive aspects of the week was the day they all went out and reached the local community with the Gospel of Christ. They conducted several studies, baptized two souls into Christ and established more than 50 home Bible Studies. The leaders of the Lord’s Church truly understand what the purpose of the Church is, that being the seeking and saving of the lost.

So the work continues! With your continued prayers, support and encouragement we move forward with the task at hand. We thank all who have come and are yet to come, joining us in the grand work of God. We pray God’s blessing be upon each of you as you continue in Him. As a dear friend once said, until all have heard! 

In Him, 
Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on July 10, 2011 .