Thieves In Uganda...

Dear brethren,

We are very thankful for what the Lord is doing with us here in Uganda. The churches of Christ in Samia area are doing fine. Most students of Uganda School of Evangelism have gone to their homes. We are only remaining with four students from Congo. They did not go home as there was no funds to give them go. The four have visited four congregations around the school. Samuel have visited Budecho village, Kambare have visited Nahayaka, Munganga have visited Bulangi, and Leebu have visited Nandwa. The Ugandan students visited congregations which were assigned to them. Brethen, keep this congregations and others in your prayers. We have 15 congregation which was planted by our students and staff. All of these have no place of worship. Each of them need some thing like plots and funds to build tin buildings. They can make bricks for themselves. They can not afford money for iron sheets, nails, timber, and cement. I would also like to inform you that today while at the church worship, the thieves broke into our house and stole my laptop, DVD player, Hoover amplifier, and antenna booster. They overturned every thing the house. It seems they were looking for money which we did have in the house. Could they have gone far, they would have carried more things, because they had packed the TV and  other things ready to go. Pray for us so that they don’t plan to come at night for more things. Today we worshiped at Buwero Namungodi, the congregation which is ten kilometers from Busia.  

Francis Wechesa

Posted on June 19, 2011 .