Grand-slam Week In Arusha Safari For Souls...

Greetings Fellow Workers;

We greet you, we thank you and we continue to pray for you. We thank God for your participation in His work here in Tanzania. He continues to bless us with good friends, co-workers, spiritual and physical growth and the list goes on. This week has brought us a “grand-slam” so to speak.

First of all our friends and fellow workers arrived safely (from Northport, AL) and have had a great week of work. Through their follow-up efforts, fours souls have been added to the Church at Kwa Mrombo. Gary has also worked at Karatu for three days with our bother Clement. Daniel, Jeremy and Rachael have spent some time at the Tanzania Christian Clinic. The group spent some time yesterday visiting a couple of orphanages. A busy group to be sure and a blessing to God’s efforts here in East Africa.

Secondly, Jay Savage and his family had a successful climb, making the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. They are such wonderful examples of God’s children living their faith. Before they made the climb they spent time and effort with three different orphanages. They always include some kind of outreach with every family vacation they take. An example we can all learn from. They left for home yesterday and should arrive back in Dallas sometime today, please remember them in your prayers.

Third; Yusuph Madaki, evangelist from Ushirombo, wrote a message reporting five new souls being added to the Church by our Lord yesterday (Sat. June 18th). The Lord continues to do mighty works through His faithful servants in that area. We currently have two men from Ushirombo at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching, one in each stream. No doubt these men were of help as they are home on break at this time. Charles Ogutu (ACSOP graduate) reported: “We give glory to God for four more souls that obeyed the Gospel this week.”

And we end with number four; the Hochdorf family are coming home (back to Tanzania). Sean and family are now full-time fund raising and looking for a good Sponsor. They are targeting the first week in Jan. 2012 as their arrival date. Please take a moment, pray for this family, drop them a note of encouragement, give them a call, send them some names of those who might care enough to make a difference by supporting and or sponsoring this great family.

Prayer request: Francis Wechesa sent a note saying thieves broke in their home, stole a lost of things while they were at worship. Our brother Paul Ndwani’s son was hit by a car on his way home from school, in the hospital for a week with a major concussion, but has been released and is doing some better. The Kensington Woods congregation is holding a city wide campaign this week. Our brothers and sisters from Second and Adams, OK will arrive on Sunday, Jimmy’s dad and nephew are flying out tonight. 

Happy Father’s Day! 

May our God be with you, bless you and keep you.
In Him, Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on June 19, 2011 .