The School And Church Working Together...

Greeting from Siem Reap Church of Christ
I would love to share some information concerning of the work in Siem Reap, Cambodia. All things are going well here, and on behalf of the church and the school in Siem Reap I would like to report you all the following: 

The work of the school is doing alright, as now we are at the first year and fourth quarter of our two years courses. Scheduled to teach:

Cheuy is teaching in book of I and II kings

Savai is teaching in book of I and II Samuel

Darat is teaching in the book of Ezra, Neh/Esther

Phanat is teaching in book of I and II Thess/ Jude

Chann is teaching in English and computer 

The work of the church has some progress of spreading the gospel to many people in villages at country side (Takam, Leang Dai and Soroung). Why are we not doing evangelism in the city? This is an evangelism work, so we want to see the good influence of our students to the people in the country side at first because most of people at the country side are uneducated. After we do that for two weeks then we will move to do more evangelism in the city. That would be a benefit to the church in country side and also to our students and as well as to the church in the city. The focus point one is the church in the city.

They have done a great job of contacting people even though it is the first time for them to teach and make a contact.

All in all we will do our best as we can to preach and save more people’s souls in our country.

We have one idiom saying, “try to make contact with people from friendship to be a membership and brotherhood.” 

In His service

Posted on May 29, 2011 .