Cameroon Campaign To 14 Congregations...

Dearest soldiers in Christ,

I bring sincere greetings from CBIW. I am just excited to share with you what made news on our campus. On behalf of the staff, students and brethren of the Wotutu congregation I am saying thank you for all your efforts towards us to train men to preach the gospel. I am saying this because we have gone through our second quarter without any major problems.

For the past week all went on well in CBIW even though the atmosphere was darkened because I lost my younger brother. The incident was suppose to affect the smooth running of my activities but I give glory to God who is ready at all time to encourage and comfort His people.

All students took their exams without any problem. They left the campus on Thursday 26th May to 14 different congregations for their second ever campaign.

Thanks be to our King that all arrived at their destinations and were highly received by brethren. This campaign took our students to both French and English speaking areas. I am appealing for your prayers so that they will do great work that will depopulate hell so that heaven will be populated.

For the week, sister Ernestine Owi was baptized in Tole congregation. Our students go to this congregation every Tuesday for their Bible studies and worship services.

Brother Shey Sheriff was equally added in Wotutu congregation. Shey is a young man who had the opportunity to be part of the funeral service of my younger brother and listened to message, that death or Christ can come at any time, just as my younger brother died without sickness. So he was pricked in his heart and decided to give his life to Christ. Keep him in your prayers as he worshipped today for the very first time with the Church of Christ.

CBIW students will transit their campaign to vacation and will return to school on the 15th of June to commence with their short courses, “THE GODHEAD” AND “THE NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH.” Brother David is set for the course. We keep praying and waiting his arrival on our campus.

1) I shall move around to three communities to see the possibilities of planting a congregation there when the students return.

2) The public address system will be a powerful tool to help us accomplish this.

3) Transportation to and from from this mission. Pray for us.

With much joy and satisfaction we thank you for your support for this past two quarters. Please, I am soliciting for your steadfast efforts towards the work for the other quarters in the future so that all will be in accordance with His will.

Do your best to share this report with others. I am sorry the pictures are not ready as of the time I am writing this report.

Please do have a great time. I will not send weekly report again until after 15th June when the students must have return from campaign.

Stay bless and continue to pray for us .

Elangwe and family
By His grace Director CBIW

Posted on May 29, 2011 .