Preaching, Short Courses, Baptisms & Restorations...

Our short course teachers, Denton Landon and Donnie Bates arrived in Dar es Salam after 30 hours of flight time exhausted but ready and eager to teach in both the Masters and Bachelors program at the Chimala Bible Institute. They were met by Boaz who had visited 6 different churches earlier on the weekend to recruit for the next school year. He talked with the preachers and spoke with many perspective students.

Frank and 7 students traveled to Mahango. Working together with the congregation there they had 5 baptisms and 4 restorations. This was on Thursday.  Remmy traveled with  7 more students on Friday to Mahango they reported they visited 4 houses and had 3 classes. The results were 2 baptisms and 1 restoration.  Joshua traveled to Mabadaga   with students and reported they had 4 baptisms and 1 restoration. Ezekiel  traveled to Mahango on Saturday with 6 students. They conducted 4 classes and held a marriage and youth seminar. Then much time was spent with a class for the small children. 

Yes, our teachers and students have been busy with evangelism on the weekends. But they reported other activities they were involved in besides their classes and studies in the Bible Institute. They said they enjoyed the food. Many said they enjoyed the American BVBID teachers during the short courses. One student said he enjoyed football and the preaching on the weekends. He is planning on working exclusively with young people in Blantyre when he is on break.

Another student said he enjoyed the “How we got the Bible” class and the sharing of his knowledge about the Bible in homes. Others said they enjoyed the fellowship of fellow students, another said he liked to read the books in the library and one young man said his preaching at Uturo was better because of his classes. One ambitious student said he liked running, exercising and taking his Bible up on the mountain to study. We are all proud of the hard work and dedication of our teachers and students of the Chimala Bible Institute. 

Garry L. Hill                                                                                                                                                   Coordinator BVBID

Posted on November 5, 2011 .