Gospel Meeting In Chandigarh, India Brings Many...

Dear brother,

Last week we spent most of the time out of the town. We spent a day in Jammu, where Benu's parents live (8-9 hours journey) and one day in Amritsar (again 4-5 hours). Being children's holidays we joined all. All the students also went to attend the gospel meeting at brother Mangal's place. A good crowd of about 125 people heard the gospel. I preached there. Students also visited the India-Pakistan border retreat and the world famous Sikh temple (Golden temple). We had thought to show them the science city in Punjab, but we were short of money and they came home.

Tomorrow (Nov. 2) we are going to have gospel meeting in Chandigarh. We have invited more than 100 people in Chandigarh. After the meeting we will have supper for them. Please pray with us that many people come to the truth with this effort.

We had thought to spend about $100-150, but to my surprise it will go up to $400 because of the increase in prices of everything. We thought to go ahead with what we had, even though the price is increased. After getting this view I believe this year's lectureship will become dearer to us by about $1000.

Please tell the brethren that we always give thank to God for their great love for the cause of Christ in India.

(Received November 3) It was a great day yesterday (Nov. 2). We have got new hope to revive the work. People who assembled, enjoyed the message and suggested me to continue this kind of meeting each month. The idea touched me. We have decided to use this building for our future monthly meetings. It was a great encouragement for us that people asked me that next time they will bring more people with them. This time around 60 people were there, but it was a good start for us after a very long time.

With arranging this kind of gospel meeting students also are energized to continue in work and always think to working for the Lord.

We had asked for this place earlier for the Sunday worship but they said already some people are having it for years. 

Please pray for us. We give thanks to God for you in our  daily prayers.


Posted on November 5, 2011 .