Gospel Campaign And Preacher's Fellowship...

Greetings to you in Christ name. Things are going well at our end, pretty exciting as the Bible College program is playing a vital role in evangelism.

We had a wonderful two days Gospel Campaign program in Badam where one of our graduate is working as full time minister. 

Preachers’ Fellowship meeting: 

There are three main goals behind this program in various districts of the state of Andhra Pradesh. 

1.    Fellowship: As it is instructed through the Word to grow in the fellowship, this program focuses on establishing relationships with the fellow preachers in that area. Hosting preachers take the opportunity to invite the denominational preachers and teach them the truth. They usually remark highly about this program.  

2.    Teaching: For every Preachers’ Fellowship the host congregation selects a topic to be taught or discussed. This gives a great opportunity for preachers to explore and speak boldly. It also helps other preachers to learn extensively from the Bible.  

3.    Edification: In addition to the messages spoke in the morning, we also hold a gospel meeting in the evening. In this way the local congregation, as well as, the preachers attending would get a great detailed message on the particular subject. 

4.   Evangelism: Besides teaching throughout the day with the preachers and local congregation, in the evenings local congregations hold a gospel meeting too. This is a great time to reach the villagers with the good news. Distributing gospel tracts and holding personal Bible studies really works during this time.

We are really blessed to be part of what brother Rama Rao is doing in his village. He has good respect in the village. Of course he is well known as the minister. He has good reputation in his village and around. During the night they held the meeting just beside the Hindu temple. This helps us to understand how much people are receptive to the gospel, also the kind impact our students (preachers) have in their society. We were really impressed to see that taking place.  

During the public gospel meeting I was given with an opportunity to preach. I taught about ‘What is truth.’ You know India is basically a religious country. Almost everybody believes in God and those who believe in God believes in eternal life i.e. Heaven. So, in my lesson I discussed how can, with these different kind of religions and practices, we all inherit heaven. We worship different gods but we all look forward to go to one place that is heaven? I mentioned my further statements will be from the book of God that is Bible, which is written by the godly men who were inspired by the Holy Spirit. We had so many people listening to us out in the street. Our students did a good job during this evangelism campaign.

On this occasion we took the advantage to distribute Bibles to our Graduates as well as faculty who are serving as ministers. As we mentioned earlier they are in desperate need of Bibles. Through the charity that is showed upon us through Jerry & Paula we were able to buy these Bibles and distribute them. Thank you very much Paula & Jerry for providing funds to buy Bibles to distribute in this area. 

It is really a God given opportunity for all of us to enjoy the fellowship, edify the congregation and evangelize the village. We praise God for this opportunity. 

We knocked almost all the doors in this village and distributed gospel tracts and held Bible studies. We invited those interested people to come and worship with the local congregation. We hope our efforts will help the local congregation to gain more souls as the local ministers do a follow up.  

Description of Photos: Clink here to see the pictures listed below.
1. L. Rama Rao, VVBC graduate the local preacher
2. Bibles Being distributed to the Graduates who are working as ministers in that area
3. Preachers in Vijayanagarm area receiving Bibles
4. Balaram, on of the faculty receiving Bibles, these will be distributed to those who were newly added to the Church
5. gospel 1,During the night gospel meeting
6. gospel 2, while going into the streets with good news
7. gospel 3, People who received the tracts they study them...
8. gospel 4, preaching out in the streets
9. gospel 5, gospel tracts being distributed door to door
10. John Dean preaching during the day.

Thank you very much for your kind cooperation in running this school successfully. Please convey our greetings to the Elders, also to the brethren at Bear Valley. 


John Dean Muppidi
Skinner's Garden Bible School
Visakha Valley Bible College
Church of Christ
Andhra Pradesh,  INDIA
Cell: 091 - 9989922844

Posted on November 27, 2011 .