House To House...

At Chang’ombe students and teachers had five classes this weekend, according to Remmy. At Idunda where they have thirty-five members, brother Samuel Tambala preached. Samuel is one of our first year English students from Malawi. He also spoke in chapel this week about the response of the Ephesian elders when Paul was leaving them in Acts 20. He stressed we need to be preachers who people will be sad to see us go for our good works. Rashid Jonas, one of our fine Swahili students, reported at Luduga, along with his teacher Xavery, preached house to house to the backslidden Christians who had gone over to denominationalism. At Mabadaga, where twenty Christians meet, there were two restorations. Mr. Mgala, a denominational preacher, after a long study has promised to be baptized next week and then wants to come to the campus and study with the teachers about the Bible. 

In Hebrews class this week we finished up with a discussion of the “E”s of the book, Encouragement, Exhortation, Examination, Expectation and Exaltation. They are now taking their “take home” final getting ready for the two short courses. Brother Don Logsdon, our agriculture teacher, is finishing up his final class tomorrow on how our students can make a better living on their farms. All the students are getting certificates that finish this course.  

We are all excited about the last short course week of the quarter. Denton Landon and Donnie Bates are flying in this Friday to teach for two weeks. It is a thrill and spiritual feast for these dedicated Bear Valley Coordinators to come and share their teaching with the students. Please pray for our students as they finish their final classes of the year and then go home to share what they have learned with the churches in Tanzania and Malawi

Garry L. Hill:
Coordinator BVBID

Posted on October 30, 2011 .