Cooperation Strengthens The Church In Uganda...

Dear brethren, 

We are doing fine here in Uganda. The school and the church are progressing on well. The churches in Busia and Bugiri, plus those in Namayingo, are doing fine here. Most of these churches are being served by our students and instructors. These churches have seen it necessary to start working together by supporting each other to solve their problems. They have started raising funds to buy land or build church buildings for themselves. They will be meeting after every two months to study the word of God and after that leave some funds to the hosting church. The hosting church will be keeping that money in her fund so that they can start looking for what they can do with the money, but it must be toward those two objectives. 

On 22nd October 2011, seven churches met at Sirere church of Christ in Busia District. In December they will be going to Genguluho church of Christ in Namayingo District. With this effort they can do something but still it will take time to get what they want as the cost of land and building material are very high. They need your prayers. 

On that day, myself and Margaret visited a new Bible School in Western Uganda which was being officially opened. We enjoyed the fellowship there, meeting with the Director and his staff plus the representatives of the supporting church from USA. Thank you brethren for your support. Without your support there would be nothing like the churches of Christ in these Districts. May the Lord bless you. 

Yours in Christ
Francis Wechesa

Posted on October 30, 2011 .