Extension News Touches Base Around The World...

I begin my trip this Wednesday to see several schools in the Extension Program. The first stop will be in Chandigarh, India. I have not seen the school in Chandigarh and I am looking forward to meeting Earnest Gill and discussing the work at the North India Bible College. They have faced a number of challenges in recent years and I know we will be able to work out some details to assist in their needs.

I will leave Chandigarh on my way to Chimala, Tanzania. The Chimala Bible Institute is the final location I have yet to see in the Extension Program. Garry Hill is working with the Bible Institute in Chimala and, as you can read below, Chad Wagner will be moving to Chimala next year to begin working as the Administrator of the overall mission. I am also excited to see this work for the first time and discuss the future of the work with both the Swahili and English training efforts.

After leaving Chimala, I will be headed to Arusha, Tanzania. I plan to visit a few days with the staff at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching. This school has been training men to preach for the past fourteen years and I look forward to spending time with Cy Stafford and Jimmy Gee to discuss the program and our future together in training preachers. Cy and Jimmy sent reports below. The news about the work in Arusha continues to be exciting.

The end of the trip finds me in Atlanta, Georgia. I will speak October 19th at the mission’s forum with the Forest Park congregation. While this is going to be a busy few weeks, I know it will be an exciting time visiting with the great brethren who have given their lives to serve the Lord around the world.

Below are the reports from this week.

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Remember to pray for Howell Ferguson and Denton Landon. They are in Gorlovka, Ukraine to teach and be involved in the work. You can read Howell’s latest report on the work here. Please remember Denton in prayer, as his mother recently passed away.

Chad Wagner, who serves as coordinator with the extension program, will be moving to Chimala in 2012 to serve as the Administrator of the Chimala Mission. Please read all about this transition and his needs in this report.

Extension Reports 

Death Of A Local Minister Brings Sadness To Cameroon: One of the local ministers in Cameroon, who has influenced so many in the school, recently passed away.

Cambodia Is Wet, But The Church Is Growing: The rainy season in Cambodia has created several problems, but it has not stopped the church from growing.

Helping Another Congregation In Uganda: The recent challenges in Uganda have Francis working to help one of the struggling congregations.

One Exceptional Day... You Need To Read: The conversion of one Masai has led to the conversion of his son, who is now bringing others to Christ. This is one great story.

Ready, Set, Go In Arusha: Along with a number of plans in Arusha, a study in the book of Galatians is set to bring a number of women from the area together.  

Final Thoughts
As I prepare to leave this week, I ask for your prayers. Thank you for making this work possible for me. Above all, thank you for loving the Lord and helping the faithful brethren who make so many sacrifices to share the gospel with the lost souls of the world.

I will have more to report next week about the first leg of this trip in Chandigarh. 

God bless

Posted on October 3, 2011 .