One Exceptional Day... You Need To Read!

Greetings Fellow Workers:

We continue lifting you up in our prayers, thanking God for all He has done, is doing and for that He has yet to do. Your prayers, support and encouragement stands as an example to follow. 

Stephanie, Granny and I are blessed beyond measure. We are blessed with notes of encouragement from time to time from God’s young people like the ones from Hayes Church of Christ, Gloucester, VA, also Westside Church of Christ, Yorktown, IN and the young people from the Pitman Church of Christ, Sewell, NJ. It is so encouraging to hear from and to know others have “missions and missionaries” on their hearts, minds and in their prayers. We are also so grateful to those who send “special treats” in the mail, a special thank you to Jeanny Gilpin and our Westside family, Salem, VA. To our brother and sister Jay and Renee Galloway, a special thank you, you are indeed servants of God in a grand way. Yes, we are a blessed people to be surrounded by family, the family of God. 

Today was an exceptional day at Arusha. Three years ago an older Masai man came up to the church building during one of our Children's Bible Seminars, and he never left!  He was taught God’s Word and he in turned obeyed the Gospel. The Church had need of a night guard, and he accepted. Several months ago his 18 year old son, Saruni appeared. He to was “living” at the building with his father. He too would study God’s Word and is now a faithful Child of God. Saruni is faithful in service and attends every Bible class. He missed his opportunity to go to High School because his family did not have the financial means. He is now in school thanks to the faithful Christians at Arusha. 

Today before Bible class he came to the building with a friend. Come to find out, Saruni had been engaging his new classmates in Bible discussions. Keep in mind, Saruni has only been a Christian for a couple of months. His classmate was there to give his life to Christ. So, before we began our Bible class, he was baptized into Christ. What a wonderful example this young man is to us all.

We have concluded another Tanzania Leadership Conference. Steve, Lexi Wiseman and Buddy Fry have now retuned home. Jimmy’s great aunt and Trina’s mother are here for the next week or so. The new quarter begins in a week at the ACSOP, graduation to follow at the end of November. We are excited about Bob Turner coming our way. Bob is the Director of the Bear Vally extension program. We are also anticipating the arrival of Cotton Box and Gene Davis toward the end of the month.

We are also grateful for the first two contributions toward the much needed generator for the ACSOP, $700 down, $22,300 to go! No contribution is to large, nor to small!

Until all have heard.....May our God be with you, bless you and may He direct your path toward Home. 

In Him, 
Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on October 2, 2011 .