Work Extends In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

It is amazing to share with you over there. We bring you God’s grace and best of life, as we share with you from the big CBIW family. We thank you for your prayers and concern over this family here in Wotutu, Cameroon.

We are still excited over what is happening here in CBIW. We still stay focused over our mission which is to monitor our student’s performance and to equip them well for the great task of planting and nurturing congregations around the country.

The school is planning for outreaches which will make Christians feel the impact of the school in their different congregations. We are also enhancing the spiritual formation and academic development of the student’s hard work and practice of worship. They are not allowed to preach now in the Wotutu congregation and during chapel, but after this first quarter they shall be giving opportunity to do so.

We thank God for the past week as all that was on the agenda went on well. The lecturers were all on time to carry on with their lectures and the students were ready on their part to receive lectures with open hearts.

In this picture, director brother Elangwe Esowe and two other students sit on a bike set to travel to Tole congregation for Bible studies. The bike is the means of transportation now, but we are believing in God for a school Bus which will help in many ways for our campaigns as we shall start fully after this first quarter to meet up with the focus of the school which is EVANGELISM IS OUR MISSION, AND OUR MISSION IS EVANGELISM.

We are also thankful to God for the French students who are coping well with the studies in English. They are here in the school because we are having the vision to start up a French department of CBIW upon their graduation, so that CBIW will be able to reach out to the whole nation and neighboring French speaking countries.

CBIW is doing great things as the news keeps flowing over the country. We are having visitors on a daily basis come and visit the school and attend chapel service and some spent vital time listening to lectures. That is what we prayed for and it is happening the same way. Glory be to God.

The week was not the best with the student’s health but we appreciate God as everything is under control. This coming week is a week characterized with lectures and test. We want to see how far the students are acquiring the knowledge.

Students received back from lecturers’ assignments papers and it is really encouraging. It brings joy into the hearts of the four lecturers that the students are really on the right track with the studies.

This picture shows the students on the road, keeping fit. They do sports every Saturday to help the studentskeep fit.

Please, we appeal to you to keep us in your prayers as the students will be going for their first outing this weekend for Bible lectureship in the Malende congregation. It is about 32 kilometers from Wotutu. They will be there with the director from the 27 Jan to the 30 January, when they will return to the school. This outing will give ample opportunity for students to do house to house evangelism for three days and worship with the congregation on Sunday. It is another way to expose the school to other Christians and to also prepare their minds for student’s individual campaigns in March at the end of the first quarter.

We wish you the best as you continue your prayers and support for this great work in Cameroon. Stay blessed in all that you do for the Lord.

The greatest worry now in the school is that we do not have a canteen and students are not allowed to leave the campus to any where to buy some basic things. We hope to put that in place with the shortest possible time.

By his grace director

Elangwe Esowe Greg


Posted on January 23, 2011 .