An Interesting Week In Arusha...

Dear Co-Laborers:

As some of you know, Jimmy has been in the states for 2-3 weeks and that is why there has been no report from us.  It was certainly not due to a lack of activity.  

First of all, a member named Zeno had been studying with his wife, Sophia, for some time.  She had also attended some of the services of the church.  After further study, she was ready to put on Christ in baptism last Sunday.  What a wonderful day!

Trena’s study with Katherine is going very well. One of her questions was "Will Muslims go to the same Hell as other sinners?" That was an easy question to answer. Her neighbor is interested in studying and asked to join us next week.  Also, a new Christian named Tarissa, the wife of Peter (see, Peter did have a wife!) requested further study in order to strengthen her faith.  How many people have asked you to study the Bible with them this week?  This past year? 

Right before Jimmy left to go to the states, a 5000 liter water tank was stolen from the school.  It wasn't the first time items had been stolen. Several of the Tanzanian staff decided they would play detective and get to the bottom of the case.  They sent out some "local private eyes" and found the water tank at a wealthy man's house.  Long story short, the man was in the habit of knowingly buying stolen goods from these thieves.  A week after his arrest, he was in court facing the Tanzanian representatives of the ACSOP.  Because the judge assigned was going very "soft" on the accused, the representatives from the school accused him of taking a bribe from the wealthy man.  The judge immediately excused himself from the case and the accused decided to settle out of court.  He returned the water tank and agreed to pay all the expenses (from paying fuel for the vehicles to paying the "private eyes") involved in the case.

While Jimmy was gone, Trena awoke one morning to find a snake (2 ft long...may not seem long to you but it was to Trena!) making its way into the bathroom. Our guard earned his entire months' salary just for killing that snake!

We have two visitors here from Texas:  Stan and Carol Crowley. Stan conducted a seminar yesterday on the Fundamentals of the Faith, preached at Arusha this morning, will do personal evangelism this week, plus teach our class at Kisongo on Wednesday night.  If you will come and visit, we promise to keep you busy!

By next Saturday the graduate students should be here ready to start class on Monday the 31st. Jimmy will be teaching Old Testament Criticism and Chad Wagner of Arkansas will teach Advanced Biblical Exegesis the next week. After that, Chad will teach Church History to the incoming class of undergraduates. They are supposed to start on Monday, Feb. 14. Jimmy is looking forward to the new class and school year. Thanks for all you do to make it possible for us to be here!

In Christ,

The Gees

Posted on January 23, 2011 .