Moab, Utah Update


 Mission Moab Report 

February 2014 

Building Bridges... 


It is hard to believe that at the writing of this letter, my second month of my time here in Moab has reached its end. Per the title of this report, the month of February has been spent building bridges. Of course I am not talking about physical bridges. What I mean by this is that I have been building bridges with people. Between working on my weekly lessons I have spent a lot of time in the community meeting and getting to know different people that I have met in order to build bridges with them for opportunities to get some studies set up with them. That being said, my plan for the month of March is to do some following up with these individuals in hopes that I will be able to get some studies set up with the ultimate goal of bringing these people into a relationship with our Lord and Savior. 

In regards to studies, I am currently continuing to study with our newest convert, Alex Kenney whom I told you about in last month’s report. Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, we are not able to study together as often as I would like but we have been at each available opportunity. Recently, I also studied with the husband of one of our member’s who is not a Christian. He has been shown the plan of salvation but is at the point of what the Scriptures would call “counting the cost.” This individual’s name is Derek. Please continue to keep him in your prayers as he considers this greatest of decisions. Another study I am conducting is with another member of the Lord’s body who returned to the Moab area in January from Oklahoma but for his own reasons did not come to services until February not long after I sent out my last report. I simply ask that you keep this individual in your prayers as I, along with the congregation here, continue to work with him to strengthen him in his faith. His name is Doug and he is a new convert having been baptized by Moab’s previous preacher Martin Johnson in 2012. A third study I am conducting is with a woman who has been attending services for several weeks now. The studies I am having with her are being held at the home of Bill and Tammy Jackson who are strong, knowledgeable and faithful members of the Lord’s body here in Moab. She too has been shown the plan of salvation but is also counting the cost. Please continue to pray for her as well. Speaking of the Jackson’s, Tammy Jackson, has initiated two additional studies to the ones I am conducting with two friends of hers one of which is her coworker at the hotel where she works. 

In addition to these things, over the last couple of weeks leading up to the writing of this report, we have had a number of visitors to our services who have been invited by different members of our congregation. This is encouraging for me because it has allowed me to meet more people and it is also evidence of the fact that the members here have an 

evangelistic spirit having a sincere desire to reach their friends and family with saving gospel message of our Lord and Savior. 

As far as lessons go, we are continuing our study in the book of Ephesians and are currently in the fourth chapter at the writing of this report. My Sunday sermons continue to be focused on encouraging and strengthening the body here which is also being accomplished through our study in Ephesians. On Wednesday nights, we are continuing our study through the parables unique to Luke which have also been going well. 

In closing, I would like to make you aware that I will not be in Moab from Friday March 7th through Saturday March 15th. On the 7th I will be traveling to Durango and Bayfield, Colorado to see friends and supporters including the Bayfield church of Christ in Bayfield, Colorado just outside of Durango where I will be preaching on the morning of March 9th. That afternoon, myself and a few of the members from the Bayfield congregation will be traveling to Monterey, California to attend “Recharge: Excellence in Ministry” which is a week long ministry conference organized by Caleb O’Hara who is the preacher at the Ripon church of Christ. This conference is designed to “Recharge” those of us who are in ministry by way of different lessons given by various speakers including Denny Petrillo, Dan Owen and other well known preachers in the brotherhood. I have chosen to attend this conference because it will only benefit me as a gospel preacher and will give me more tools to use as I carry out the Lord’s work here in Moab. 

With sincerest gratitude, 

In His Service and on behalf of the Moab church of Christ, 

David Malley

Posted on March 2, 2014 .