Prayers Needed for Ukrainian Brethren

Besides the bad political situation in Ukraine, we recently spoke with Dennis Sopelnik - the Director of BVBIU, on the telephone and he informed us that his newly born daughter, Dasha, is having heart trouble.  Here is a note that he wrote about it today.  Please be praying for him and his family at this time.  As well, please pray that the brethren in Ukraine will look to Jesus and not start taking sides about Ukraine or Russia.  While we as Americans see the fact that Russia is flexing its muscles and interferring for its self-interest in needing the warm water port of the Black Sea, there are Christians in the Church there in Ukraine who side with Russia.  We need to help them all to focus on Jesus and His Kingdom and not fuel the fire in any way.  Please be praying for them all.  


Thanks and God bless,


"My daughter had a heart ultrasound in Donetsk. She has problems with heart (interatrial septum and interventricular). The doctor said there is no threat to life. Every 2 months we need to do ultrasound. Please continue to pray for us.

Bear Valley Bible Institute Украина

Сопельник Деннис"

Posted on March 1, 2014 .