Mission Moab


 Mission Moab 

As of January 2014 David Malley will begin working with the Lord’s church in the community of Moab, Utah in order to help build the church up both numerically and spiritually. In addition to this though, David will also be joined by fellow Bear Valley graduate Kenny Garcia along with his wife and children assuming they are able to secure the necessary support to make their transition there. Please keep their efforts to raise support in your prayers. David and Kenny plan to spend the first few months in Moab teaching and preaching lessons that will encourage the congregation in Moab to maintain their unity, stay strong in their faith, as well as maintain a zeal for reaching the lost. 

As far as growing the church numerically is concerned, David and Kenny plan to establish contact with those sheep who have wandered from the Lord’s church and also plans to build relationships with the overall community of Moab in order to reach out to them with the gospel of Christ. This will be accomplished through the writing of articles for the local newspaper as well as by finding other ways to interact with the citizens of Moab on a regular basis. In short, reaching lost souls will be accomplished by establishing and maintaining relationships with those David and Kenny come into contact with in the community of Moab. 

Due to the overall diversity that exists in the community of Moab this will be a challenging work so we simply ask that you keep our efforts in your prayers that we might under all circumstances “be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus” as the apostle Paul admonished Timothy to do in 2 Timothy 2:1.

*Please pray for this exciting work in Utah! These men, along with their family members, are truly Thinking Souls!


Posted on December 30, 2013 .