Curitiba, Brazil Report



     Luan was baptized December 7.  He is the husband of Fabiula, who was baptized last December.  Marlene Zimmer was baptized December 10.  She has visited the small group in our home on Tuesdays off and on for the past nine years.  Ree originally taught her the Gospel lessons, then Zenir repeated the lessons for her and then I taught her the lessons again this year.  It was great to see her make Jesus Lord.  Estefany was baptized December 15.  Our Brazilian evangelist Ramos taught her.  Emanuel was baptized December 21.  He is fruit from the “Matthew Parties.”  Our brother Adeildo heard me preach earlier in the year about Matthew/Levi and how he invited his friends and working associates to a dinner at his house and invited Jesus and His disciples to the same meal.  The result was many followed Jesus.  Adeildo has brought soul after soul to Jesus through his frequent meal ministry.  Emanuel was his realtor.  After dinner, our Brazilian evangelist, Paulo set up a study with him.




     I visited São Mateus on December 8 and 15 to continue teaching them the Gospel lessons.  Nena, Roni, Jucelia and two young boys went with me.  As I preached there, the two young boys read the Scriptures for me.  The group wanted to take a break over the holidays.  Starting in January we will have a weekly worship service there and Bible study.  Pray for fruit.  Also pray for Roni.  His thirty-five year old brother was killed in a motorcycle accident this month.


     We traveled to Guarapuava on December 26-28 and had two special evenings with the church.  One was a “Matthew Meal” and the other was an evening of singing and prayer.  In January we will have worship in Guarapuava in the mornings and then drive two and a half hours to Sao Mateus for afternoon worship.




     Naiane hosted the Young Single Sister’s ministry in our home December 20.  Eleven young Christian sisters came to dinner, devotional and sleep over.  Natalie came to visit us in Curitiba from December 16 to January 1.  It is a great joy to have her home for Christmas and New Year’s Day.  Nathanael graduated from Oklahoma Christian University, with a degree in Graphic Design, on December 13.  We watched with live stream on our computer in Curitiba.  We are very grateful for the high tech staff at OC that made this possible.  Nathanael and Elise are making plans to move to Japan in April.  Pray for their work and adventure.  Naiane graduated from Chef’s school and Bakery school in December.  Alan gave his book on the work of the Holy Spirit another revision in Portuguese and sent it off to the Brazilian publisher.  Nathanael is doing the cover for the book.  It is fancy and very artistic!  Ree has been cooking up a storm for the holidays, as she serves her family and gives cookie and bread trays to stores and their employees near our home.  We hosted an end of the year Christmas party in our home for our evangelistic small group.  We had our annual cookie-decorating contest and gift exchange.  We have three visitors that are counting the cost to follow Jesus.  Pray for Nilton, Sigret and Fernanda.  We have had the small group in our home for twenty years.  This was the last time for me to lead it.  Prayerfully the group will continue in our home in 2014 with new leaders, while we move to Guarapuava.  Ree and Alan have been busy selling, donating and boxing up things for the move.  We have also been visiting and encouraging members who need strengthening in the Lord.  Pray for us.


     We want to give a super duper BIG THANK YOU to all of our supporters.  You are true partners in the Gospel.  We praise God for you!  God bless you all during this holiday season.  May God give you restful and peaceful days in the company of your families.


Serving our Lord Jesus,

Alan, Ree and Naiane Nalley

Posted on December 30, 2013 .