Partnership in Preaching

“We need men who will devote their lives to full-time work in the kingdom. Many opportunities exist to spread the Gospel. If men do not rise to the call, the Word will not be given to the world within our lifetimes. Those who deny their call show they have misunderstood the main purpose of being God’s workmanship, that is, to do good works (Ephesians 2:10). There is a crying need for thousands more to spread the Word. There are many churches in the United States that do not have a full-time minister. Simply stated, we need more preachers.” (Warren Wilcox, Man of God: Encouraging Men to Preach)

Many of you know the story of how the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver came to fruition. In 1965, faithful elders of the Bear Valley church of Christ saw the overwhelming need for sound, qualified preachers. Their vision of filling pulpits and congregational classrooms around the world still lives today here in Denver, Colorado. Brother Wilcox’s timeless words are echoed by every elder and staff member in Denver and every Bear Valley Extension School worker, worldwide.

In our quest to strengthen the Lord’s church worldwide and to establish ministers in congregations of the Lord’s people, we need your partnership. We long for and seek your support through your involvement in prayerfully giving within your financial means. There are many needs within the Bear Valley Bible Institute. We’ve made it a lot simpler for you to donate so that your support will quickly benefit that need which is lacking. Our secure online donation page at is easy and self- explanatory. You have the option for a one-time donation or the convenience of making regular monthly donations by the touch of a button.      

As we quickly approach our fifth decade of training preachers, we hope you sense and join the momentum produced from the labors of training preachers. Our desire to entrust the Truth of God to faithful men so others may know and believe (2 Timothy 2:2) has never been greater. We pray you will consider your initial or continued partnership of this fine institute as we strive to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

Brotherly! ~Jon Warnes      

Posted on April 15, 2011 .