Bear Valley Student's Spring 2011 Campaigns

This year's student Spring campaigns came in all types of shapes and sizes. We had student/Faculty groups in Custer, South Dakota; Conifer, Craig, Parker, and Aurora Colorado; Tilton, New Hampshire and Guatemala.What an experience for our student body to 'make application' with their course of studies at BVBID. As many of you can remember, student campaigns not only feed and supply a need for the student but they also serve a great need in uplifting the congregations that are taking on the responsibility of bringing the students out. 

As time allows, we will post as much information as we can regarding each individual campaign that takes place. The following link is for the blog that the Guatemala Team put together. Congratulations on a successful trip you guys! Jared Kyle, Jordan Wise, Tony Johnson and David Malley did an outstanding job and they are great servants for the Lord.

Posted on March 22, 2011 .