"Recharge! Excellence in Ministry" in Monterey, California

What are you doing March 31st- April 2nd, 2011? Have you considered how you might fill up your spiritual cup this year? Consider getting away to beautiful Monterey, California! No, I did not stutter, that was Monterey, California. This is the First Ever "Recharge! Excellence in Ministry" Program. 


RECHARGE! Excellence in Ministry is a way for the Lord’s workers to share knowledge, experiences, ideas, and successes (and even failures too).
The Recharge Lineup includes BVBID's very own Caleb and Valerie O'Hara, Denny Petrillo, Michael Hite, Wayne and Tami (Ladies' Program) Roberts, Cliff and Zinnie Sabroe and Randy Duke. Plus, even more speakers.
Need more information? We've got it right here!  http://rechargeme.org/
Don't hesitate, registration is happening RIGHT NOW!

"There are two specific focuses of RECHARGE! Excellence in Ministry. There is a textual growth focus and a practical application focus. There will be sessions designed to dig deeper into specific books of the Bible and faithfully pull out the truths of God. These sessions will reignite a passion for doing good honest Bible study, and encourage preachers and teachers to hone their study skills even more. All our work is in vain if it is not built on the correct foundation."



Posted on January 31, 2011 .