Attention Alumni

The Alumni Relations Department wants their fellow BVBID brethren to know they come first! Our purpose is to serve you and meet your needs as a dedicated member of the BVBID family. With the staff’s combined decades of experience in the areas of pulpit ministry, evangelism, Bible teaching, missions, church plantings, youth leadership, shepherding and a multitude of other congregational works, we believe we are a dependable source of support to lean upon during your labors in the Lord’s church.

The focus here at BVBID has never changed…We Train Preachers! For 45 years we have been dedicated to this cause and see no end in sight. As brethren who have already been trained and working in the fields of souls, we applaud you and want you to know we are here for YOU. Our future efforts have you in mind. 

The first area we will be working on is our accuracy. The staff at BVBID has worked hard over the years at trying to keep track of the alumni. The limited amount of manpower at BVBID has kept us from being able to maintain the proper accuracy you deserve. With the leadership’s resolve to improve our Development Department in this capacity,our alumni record keeping is of the utmost importance.

The second area of improvement is in our availability. Our Alumni Relations Department is here full-time for your support. I hope that you will keep us in mind as a first point of contact. We appreciate the time you spent training here and the great efforts you are making for your local congregation. The least we could do is be available as a source of encouragement and reliable information for you. 

The final area to advance in is our partnership with you. We cherish the friendship we already have and hope to further develop our relationship as we work together as members of God’s family. It may appear a bit selfish but hearing from you, knowing how you are doing, and how we can help you provides us with great encouragement! The family of God IS the greatest family of all and the entire BVBID staff is dedicated to meet its alumni’s needs and strengthen the bond between us.

1 Thessalonians 5:11, “Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing”.

In Christ,

Jon Warnes

Director of Alumni Relations

Posted on August 18, 2010 .