The Boys Are Growing And Everybody Is At Work...

Hello, my people of God.

We are happy to be on the Lord’s side. Hope you are doing great. For the past two weeks we have been very busy with a lot of activities and that is why I have not been able to send my reports, but all is well as I am sending my reports this morning all the way from Kumbo where we are currently attending a lectureship for scholars.

The congregation in Mbanga is doing her best to do some evangelism and visitations every Sunday after worship. This is to empower our few Christians and also keep love reigning among us. We pray for this vision to be a great help in this locality that is very difficult these days to win a soul, but the Lord’s hands are upon us and we shall keep on doing His will.

The church and the congregation is also preparing to host the first annual preacher's wife forum that will begin on the 27th of May to the 29th of May 2016. This event will mark a great turning point in the lives of our student preachers whose wives are to be of great advantage to these studies. The theme for this year is on prayer, which is a vital instrument to the preacher and wife.

The school has been in serious business these days, such as exams which also include traveling out on mission work, preparation for short courses, and campaigns just to name a few.

The students are doing great in their studies even though some of them were really disturbed, which almost affected their studies, such as brother Datouji who spent about two weeks at the hospital in Douala with the wife, who was detained at the hospital for some complications after delivery. Also, Estephan, whose wife was pregnant, but by the grace of God just put to bed a baby girl this morning.

After the preachers forum in Buea, we continued with mission work where we spent time this weekend to begin a new work in Sancho. Three of our students were on a serious mission. After I made a trip there on Monday for the growth of the work to prepare the minds of the few members that we have been working with. Even though we talked on phone, the need for a face to face talk was still very important and, by so doing, the need for a new beginning was a second thought. Church Planting is a very nice course that the students enjoy and they love going out for practicals. Brother Benjamin was able to express his joy when he had the opportunity to deliver a sermon for the first time on a first day to a newly created assembly.

We offered benches and a table for Lord’s supper to this our new born baby that needs a lot of support to realize her growth. This can be morally as some members of our sister congregation worship with us and some from the Dscang assembly are also planning to visit next week and are very happy with the work, spiritually or financially, as it is still a need for this work. Brother Bernard from Nkonsamba one of our instructors offered a place for worship even though it is temporal, but we really appreciate the effort of everybody who is doing his or her part to see that the work of the Almighty should keep on growing. 

The students transported benches from Mbanga to Sancho and the day of worship proper.

Upcoming Events
The preacher's wife forum: We already went to Kumbo for the lectureship. The seminar on agriculture from Healing Hands International and also the short courses that will begin in June. We commit all of these into God’s hands and the newly created assembly in Sancho. Special prayers for the newborn baby of Estephane.

I am sending this from Kumbo, many miles away from Mbanga. The boys are growing and everybody is at work.

Remain blessed

Posted on May 24, 2016 .