Another Student Obeys The Gospel In Kpalime, Togo...

BVBI Students Receive Thompson’s Chain Reference Bibles
Bear Valley students received Thompson Chain Reference Bibles to facilitate their studies. Bibles were donated by the coordinator, Steve Ashcraft. 

Work Continues On The Vegetable Farm
Bear Valley Bible Institute has continued activities on the vegetable farm project. The volunteers on the farm are mainly preachers and some church members from the Kpalime area who come twice a week to work on the farm. The beds have been raised and some seedlings have been transplanted.

Gospel Chariot Continues To Impact Kloto
During the month of April, the Chariot team revisited some of the towns and villages that were evangelized. Some of the towns visited included: Alikpodzi, Agou, Kpadape, Wome, Ekloh, Akata, Agave, Nyiveme, Kpeglonu, Kliguekonji, and Adeta. 

BVBI Students Enrolled In Computer Training Program
Plans are advanced to enroll all the students in a computer training program. They had the choice to determine the vocational program they would like to engage in. All the eleven students demonstrated interest in ICT. The instructor has agreed to come over to the school to teach them three times in a week for two hours per class session. The training will cover software, hardware and networking. The entire program will take almost a year to complete. 

Abandoned Denominational Church Building
On my recent trip to Kpalime, brethren took me to a community in Kpalime an abandoned meeting place is located. It used to belong to a denomination that left town. One of the preachers started meeting in the structure, including the one who owns the land. Our plan now is to negotiate with the one who built the structure to allow the church of Christ to use it, maybe at a fee. We want to also assess the cost of renovation. 

Courses For This Quarter At BVBI
1) The life of Christ
2) General Epistles
3) The book of Mark
4) The book of Luke
5) Authority of the Bible 6 Teaching methods 

Motor Bike For Cephas
In order to facilitate the work of Cephas (my assistant at the BVBI), I made an appeal on his behalf for a motor bike. Fortunately, someone responded by sending funds through Bob Turner. He appreciates the kind gesture and promises to even do more in the future than he has done in the past. God bless the one who provided the funds. 

House For Sale
There is an old house located in the city of Kpalime. The owner is selling the buildings and the land for CFA 7,000,000.00 (Seven million French francs) about $12,000. The location is good, not far from where the church presently meets. All available lands in Kpalime are very far away. The land is large enough to contain a four hundred siting capacity church building and a portion could be used for pre-school. We need brethren to come to our aid in securing this property for the growth and expansion of the work in Togo. Our goal is to build one large congregation in Kpalime where inter-congregational activities can take place. The Nyiveme congregation has outgrown its current place of worship. 

Visit To The U.S.
I plan to visit the US in August, Lord willing. 

BVBI Student Is Baptized Into Christ  
The strategy of admitting denominational men into BVBI has always yielded fruitful results. The school started in 2005 with three denominational church leaders, who after completing the WBS lessons asked for an advanced lesson. These men started the Bible school and in less than six months were baptized. Since their graduation in 2007, they have remained faithful to preaching the gospel. Yes it works! 

One of the students recently submitted himself to baptism. This fellow has been so overwhelmed by the class lessons that he had no other alternative but to yield. All the eleven students are now Christians. We admitted eight from the church and two from the denomination. We were hoping to have twenty students, but lack of financial support for most of our preachers, greatly demoralized prospective students, thus affecting recruitment exercises for 2015-2017. We were blessed with only 12 students but one was forced to discontinue due to ill health. It is our prayer that the situation will change in 2017. 

Report by:
H. Willie Gley

To see Willie's report with pictures, please click here.

Posted on May 29, 2016 .