A Time Of Transition...

Last Monday and Tuesday, the majority of the extension staff involved in the program traveled to Denver for our annual spring meeting. The time was filled with discussions about current activities, needs, and plans for each location where representatives were present. The meeting consisted of wonderful fellowship in addition to the encouragement shared from the great work that occurs around the world.

While we were together, it was an opportunity for me to inform the staff of the program about the plans Sheryl and I made at the end of 2016. We will be moving from Denver to live near our children and grandchildren in Louisiana. While it was not an easy decision, it is one that we are excited about because of the opportunity to watch our grandchildren grow up. I will work with a location congregation on a part-time basis, but my primary focus of work will be in leadership development. I plan to work on a curriculum and seminar material that can be used within the church and eventually with the extension program.

I am thankful for the opportunity entrusted to me by the Bear Valley elders and Denny Petrillo to work with the extension program for the past seven years. Although I will not serve as the director of the program, I plan to help in various ways when the opportunity is available. 

Keith Kasarjian has accepted the position of Director of Extension Schools for the Bear Valley Bible Institute. He continues to exemplify what the program is all about, and his involvement with the program since 1999 demonstrates his dedication to the work of training preachers. We will work on the transition over the next few months. If Keith is not on your email list to receive reports, or for other communication, please add him: kkasarjian@wetrainpreachers.com

Please pray for Sheryl and myself as we make the transition to Louisiana, but I also ask that you pray for Keith as he continues to lead the program of extension training. 

Now on to this week’s incredible reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is http://www.wetrainpreachers.com/extension-schools/

Extension Reports

Churches Are Outgrowing Their Space As The Word Is Preached: At least two congregations are noted for their growth and the need of more benches to accommodate all who attend.

While On Furlough, The Spradlins Share Exciting News: The work in Paraguay continues to demonstrate the influence of strong leadership as the program and local church grow.

Follow-up With Local Congregations In Northern Ghana Encourages The Church: News from Tamale indicates the local work is growing as students assist in follow-up.

A Successful Lectureship In Nepal Was Just Completed: The most well attended lectureship in Nepal took place in March and the results encouraged the brethren.

Student Outreach Program At ACSOP Brings Much Joy And Fruit: The development of the student outreach in Tanzania is encouraging to read, as you will see in this report.

Final Thoughts
Thank you for the great encouragement and support you provide to me personally and for the entire program. This entire program rests on the shoulders of the great men and women who are connected around the world. The dedication of those who do this work in each location globally make it successful. We are all thankful for the opportunity to stand beside these individuals and participate in kingdom work.

God bless

Posted on April 10, 2016 .