Precious Souls Were Added To The Kingdom In Cameroon...


Greetings from Cameroon and from Mbanga, where the children of God are playing their own part in this world to see that the work of God should expand in this part of the cosmos. We are glad to be part of this big family that sits and thinks of souls every day in this life, even though with many obstacles, but our Lord still paves the way to His own children.

The school in Mbanga had been very busy for the past two weeks, both the students and some staff members, as we continued with mission work and weekend evangelism. We resumed studies on the 30th of March, 2016 and immediately traveled to Ebonji Tombel for the National youth forum where about 45 congregations were present at the ground with about 300 youth from the Churches of Christ in Cameroon, including the 6 students from our school of preaching. Evangelism was our main goal and at the end of four days, God added 7 precious souls into His vineyard. Some others were restored, in which among those restored members, we discovered a sister who has been in Mbanga for two years without knowing about the church, but on that faithful day she found some students along the way and was very happy to know that she can worship God again in spirit and in truth. God is so great and faithful because this sister could really maintain her words and keep her promises. She gladly worshiped yesterday with all her mind and all her soul. Please, let’s keep this sister in our prayers and many others who are still searching for the truth. Her name is Esther and she is a teacher in one of the primary schools in Mbanga. 

We still continue with our weekend evangelism as our students could not fold their hands because of the need of spiritual support in various places especially in some of the areas where they went for field work. Brother Philip had to go again in Mbouda to check on the 3 sisters that were restored during last quarter’s campaign and also some of the prospects they had in the Mbouda prison where they spent some time talking to prisoners, and some accepted to be baptized, but there is no baptistery in that prison. They had to book an appointment with the superintendent, but this could not work out well this time around. We know God can do something also, just like in other places. Maybe this can be another prison ministry in Mbouda. This was part of our late brother Albert’s work who died last year as a student in BVBIC-Mbanga.

The prison ministry in Mbanga is going on as some students have started assisting in the work with the minister Nicolas. We shall give you a report on this work as things keep unfolding.

Our school is on the third week of studies with the second year courses and we are doing great with all our instructors. Our God is blessing us greatly, but our students are facing some crisis with their family, mostly with their pregnant women as Sylvanus will be expecting the baby any time from now and our hospitals have been having bad report these days with pregnant women during delivery. Let’s join our heads together on their behalf.

We have kept aside the vision of opening new congregations in French Cameroon like in Sancho and Njombe, which is part of our mission. 

Our mission in the North was also successful, with 4 baptisms and our representatives were highly honored, that is the presence of Mamoudo Estephan and one instructor, Ename Paul, who did great in this mission. Some souls were also restored during this mission and this went a long way to expose the school and her works. It is a place to visit and to do great work as Estephan is planing to go and do full time preaching in this community. 

The Bibles are also being distributed to some members and new converts in and out of Mbanga. We thank you so much for the great sacrifice for the work in Cameroon and in Mbanga in particular.

I made a special trip to visit some students during field work, Philip and Abraham with some members of the church in Mbouda and Benjamin, along with the sister who gave accommodation for the young students in the University of Dschang. These congregations do not have preachers and they are left with just 2 brothers with a few sisters who are managing the assemblies. According to my personal research, they are in need of a permanent preacher, but the means are not available. What do we do. God knows how. We are doing our best to help as we can, but still the work is plenty but the laborers are few.

Thanks and have a blessed day.


Posted on April 11, 2016 .