Mission Printing Provides Great Blessing To The Work In East Africa...

Greetings fellow workers,

God continues to bless the work here and demonstrate His goodness. It's an honor to serve Him alongside of each of you and together with the soldiers of Christ here. 

Bible Tracts
We are absolutely thrilled that Mission Printing has chosen to send a treasure trove of biblical tracts and materials to us. This week an entire shipping container of materials arrived at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching. We'll serve as a distribution point, and some of these materials will go to other mission points across East Africa. As you can tell from the pictures, there's plenty to go around. This will be a great blessing to the work here. 

Area Reports
Here are some excerpts from reports we received from some of the area preachers about the work at their congregations. Be encouraged at all of the work being done for our Lord.

From Yusuph:
The outline of Baptisms and restorations for all congregations on Lake Zone this February,

USHIROMBO - 3 restored
LULEMBELA - 13 souls
IMALAMAGIGO -8 souls IBAMBULA - 3 restored
SUNVE - 4 souls restored and 5 baptisms.

From Joseph Juma Withare: 
For the last two months, I established 12 Bible Classes with 25 people. Right now I have 15 Bible Classes with 31 people. I was also visiting the church members who were back sliding for many years. I succeeded in restoring one, also working for other back sliders.

From Ibrahimu Mrutu at the Kisongo church:
The church is rapidly increasing it’s number; the attendance now is awesome. We are absolutely thankful to the mighty God for the great chance to preach the Gospel.

The great challenge that we have is building. Our current building is now small; some times members stands outside.

From Hamidu Mohamed at the Kazibizyo church:
Within this February, God has added 10 souls (ten) in his kingdom. The big effort caused this result to appear. Look at the results in January. If you remember, I wrote 20 twenty souls were obedient, so that we have 30 new converts within these two months, and according to these results, the number will increase because the church made plans to encourage every believer to make sure they invite their neighbors or relatives or friends, so the work of evangelism becomes very easy.

Cy Update
We rejoice that Cy's cancer has gone into remission.  He is currently undergoing physical therapy in an effort to get strong enough to continue on with the treatment plan. Please continue to pray for him.

Enjoy some pictures from the week on our blogpost: http://tanzanianmissions.blogspot.com/2016/02/short-report-february-28.html

Till all have heard...
Daniel Gaines
for Cy Stafford

Posted on February 28, 2016 .