18 baptisms in northern Ghana


We did the campaign in the three communities in Bakpaba, Duuni, and Bincharatanga. All these towns are in Bimbilla district in the Northern Region.   

We campaigned and restored the Church in Bincharatanga. Bincharatanga is the third largest community in the Nanumba North. The Church has been in this community for over ten years and because there was no preacher or anyone taking care of it, it died. The Church needs serious attention, in other words; there is the need for a preacher to be located there or a regular visit.

The second community was Duuni where one of our past student, called Waaja Francis works. We campaigned here and baptized six souls into the Church. Francis is doing a good work there.

 The third campaigned was in Bakpaba where we lodged for two days and by His grace twelve souls were baptized into the Church.

The two congregations Bakpaba and Duuni gave us their support and took part of this great work. They contributed some food stuffs to help feed us. Also some of the past students came there to help us in this evangelical campaign. Their women volunteered and cooked for us.

Both the Churches and the past students contributed to our success in getting eighteen souls for the Lord in His Church.    


We now have our equipment fixed and ready to work. They are; projector, amplifier with two box speakers and two horns, DVD deck, one self, standing screen, two wireless mics, and two other mics.


The school is in section and we are vacating for voting and Christmas holidays on second December. All the teachers were punctual and responded to their call to teach.


In our effort to recruit students for the next batch, we have made a trip to Garunkuka in the Northern Region to pay a visit to one of our past students called Samuel Akom. We met the whole congregation and taught them how to support the preacher so that he can do the work for Lord.

We had a brother called Daniel Baloln who filled a form to be enrolled next year. Daniel is a very good church leader helping the Mulipido congregation and now wants to be trained as a preacher. So far we have five who have returned their forms. We have also given out eighteen forms to brethren who have expressed their willingness to come.

Posted on December 2, 2016 .