Good news in Zambia

Hearty greetings to you all brothers and sisters! We give honor and glory to God our heavenly Father who through His grace and the love fully expressed in Christ has granted us the opportunity to work in His kingdom. We are but mortal vessels who should strive to draw closer to God and imbibe on His eternal Word even as He uses us for His purpose.  

The men’s Conference in Lusaka

It was on Thursday, 29th September 2016 that together with other 13 men, we arrived in Lusaka. The reason for this trip was to attend the annual conference for men. The three days was indeed jam-packed with good lessons and wonderful fellowship. The theme of the conference was “Man That Leads.” All the Provinces of Zambia were represented with exception of North-Western, Western, and Muchinga Provinces.  There were 254 men in attendance, and at the end of the conference there were four (4) baptisms and three (3) restorations recorded. The Men’s National Organizing Committee ended its five (5) year mandate and another committee was chosen during the conference that will stay in office for the next five (5) years. The next conference for men will take place in August, 2017 in Western Province.  We were very glad to be given a slot also during the conference to talk and advertise Bear Valley Bible Institute-Zambia.

Ordination of Elders

On 30th October, 2016, the School was invited and asked by Chiwempela Church Christ in Chingola, to perform the ordination of their elders and deacons. This congregation has never had any elders and deacons since its inception almost twelve (12) years ago. The town of Chingola is about 40km south of DRC. We have many nationals from DRC living both in Chingola and other towns of Copper Belt Province. There are only few known churches of Christ in the entire DRC. The political instability there has made the establishment of both churches and mission points almost impossible. 

We have two known congregations near the DRC border. These are not big congregations, but they can serve as stepping stones for aggressive evangelism inside the DRC. Our purpose and determination is to work with these existing churches and raise men who can eventually work in Congo.

 The advantage that we have is that these people living near the border of DRC know and speak the language of DRC fluently. So it won’t be any problem when it comes to communication.  

Evangelistic Trips that took place this year

  The institute have had opportunity to strengthen local congregations here in the copper belt and outside the Copper Belt Province. The work has extended as far as Kawabwa in Luapula Province and Lusaka the capital of Zambia.  And as a result of these efforts three souls have been added to the Kingdom and four (4) have been restored back to the kingdom of God. As we enter 2017 we anticipate another good year of teaching and preparing those who want to be in Church leadership. The school have been invited to go to Mumbwa for series of evangelistic campaigns in April, 2017.  This town is in Lusaka Province.  Brethren in this town (Mumbwa) have been pleading to visit them from the time they heard about the school. This calling and pleading seems to be like the “Macedonian call” and we pray that this land is spiritually fertile.  

 Some happenings during holidays

The school is on break, and we took the rare opportunity to travel to Chimala Bible Institute in Tanzania for short courses of master’s program. Having previously taken the introductory work to graduate program last year, it was indeed a very intense two weeks of hard work. We covered the book of John and Advanced Hermeneutics. Brother Jerry Bates took us in both courses. He really did a terrific job! These two weeks flew just like two days because of the velocity of the program.

The students at Bear Valley Bible Institute Zambia are also on break and we have heard good things coming directly from all of them. They have reported that they have been quite active and very busy in several evangelistic preaching in their areas.

Boniface Sianjina went back to Kafubu Farming Block area within Luanshya district. As the name suggests, many residents of this area are primarily farmers. And Boniface has been doing a little bit of farming to sustain himself and his family while he is not at school. He is also active in spreading the gospel whenever he is not farming.

Albert Phiri is back at his home congregation in Mpongwe district some 50km from Luanshya town.  Joseph Musonda went back to Baluba where he is also preaching and he is helping his mother with a little bit of farming. He is also a bricklayer and sometimes he is hired to build in his area. Stephen Ngosa is also from Baluba and the report we have is that he is also very active with the church work especially on Sundays when he preaches, leads songs and serves on the Lord’s Table. Josephat Kantu is trying to support himself by working at one of the construction companies here in Luanshya. He comes regularly at Luanshya Central Church of Christ on Sundays.

Another interesting report comes from Andrew Mwila in Luapula Province of Zambia. This Province also has borders with DRC. He (Andrew) reports that he is very busy preaching and converting some people to Christ. When we read of another Andrew who brought his brother to Christ in the Bible, we are encouraged that our Andrew here is just doing the same, i.e. bringing people to Christ!!! Yes, Andrew is a little known man who brought a prominent man to Christ. He is overshadowed by his brother in every way, but yet he brought that brother to Christ. He did this because he had love for the lost. Equally Brother Andrew Mwila has the love for the lost.

Andrew is one of our best students here. We are so amazed to see his spiritual devotion and the depth of his maturity. He is a very serious student and he is highly respected by all his fellow students. Since he is also a bricklayer, he has started building a church building of one of the congregations he helped to start in his area. 

There is no question or doubt that lives have and will eternally be changed spiritually and enriched physically because of the efforts of these young men.  

We continue to be very grateful to the Woodland Oaks Church of Christ for the continued support of the work here. Moreover, all your efforts and prayers for the work here are highly appreciated.  

God bless you all. 

Your Partners in Christ, 

The Bear Valley Bible Institute Zambia Team

Posted on December 1, 2016 .