Plans To Establish A New Congregation In 2016...

Dearest in the Lord,

Holy is the way of the righteous ones as we are. Special greetings from my family. We are still on the move to keep fit the Lord’s work and souls are still being added into His Holy Kingdom.

The Church and the School in Mbanga are praying for the arrival of brother Todd and David when they come February 27th, by His grace. We are happy all the students came back to school with good health, but for Dantouji and Philip. They are strong for the work of evangelism and their studies in Mbanga. 

Plans to continue the opening of a new congregation in Sancho and to restore the congregation in Njombe is our priority as we begin 2016, and this will include the instructors and students with some members in near by assemblies for 5 days of evangelism and public preaching in these localities. As for our congregational level, we are planning to host the preacher’s wife forum by May or June. The last quarter of the first year will close her doors after the campaign in March, so that our students can begin preparation for their final year courses come April, and this will include project writing or memoire on their various topics that shall be approved with a close supervisor to guide through his work before they defend.

A new congregation was established in the northern part of Cameroon by one of the students during the last campaign and right now about 16 of them are worshiping in that young assembly and are still requesting him to come for a visit just like the cry of the Macedonian church calling on Paul to come for their aid. God blesses the people every day by adding them into His Kingdom. A lot is still to be done through His power. May the schools and the Bear Valley assembly live long.  


Posted on January 24, 2016 .