Three Souls Converted After A Funeral...

The late brother Agbenyo, until his demise, was a prominent member of the Kpadafe Church of Christ. Brother Agbenyo, in consultation with his family, donated a piece of property behind his house where the congregation built a shed for worship. When he died all the congregations in the Kpalime and the Kloto region organized themselves and gave the brother a fitting burial. The Kpadape township was so impressed with the performance of the church that they developed a love for the church. After the burial, the congregation started receiving visitors each Sunday.

I understand that several of the family members are considering becoming members of the Lord’s church. This reminds me of the scripture in Acts. 2:47, where the church was “having favor with all the people.” We are looking forward to good things in the days to come. You may be wondering how a funeral program can bring someone to Christ. We took advantage of the opportunity to have a large gathering to preach the gospel, not focusing on the dead, but the living. We turn the funeral ground into a campaign ground.

Here lies the mortal remains of brother Agbenyo. He died at age 85.

This casket sends out a strong message that man needs to be prepared to meet his maker.

Chariot Driver is now baptized
In my July report, I informed you about the Chariot driver we hired from a denominational church. Atsou was willing to assist us during the July campaign, a job he did very well to the amazement of all of us. Atsu was hired after the campaign. During a recent campaign at Danyinu a suburb of Kpalime, Atsou decided to give his life to Christ in baptism. Atsou was asking a lot of questions while driving the chariot and he was surprised that the Bible was used to respond to his questions. Atsou was overwhelmed by the number of preachers who engaged him in conversation.

Danyinu campaign
Danyinu is a suburb of Kpalime. We were privileged to organize a campaign for the congregation that meets there. Gabriel, one of our first graduates, preaches there. It is a fairly new congregation that needed the publicity of a campaign. There was a large crowd each night and the activities included open air preaching, film show, and tract distribution personal work from house to house etc. At the end of it all, three souls gave their life to Christ. This included the chariot driver.

Center for Biblical Studies (CBS) re-opened on the 1st of September
After a month break, the students returned to start the second year of study. They are taking the following courses:

1) Hermeneutics
2) Denominational doctrines
3) 1st & 2nd Corinthians
4) Jeremiah
5) Lamentations
6) Biblical Teachings
7) 1st Samuel – 2nd Kings
8) Job- Psalms
9) Logic
10) Church History
11) Hebrew
12) Isaiah

Students received Thompson Chain Reference Bibles
Steve Ashcraft, the CBS coordinator, donated Thompson Chain Reference Bibles to the eighteen students.

A blind lady ( Melanie Folly) finds the Church of Christ after twenty two (22)years

She kept listening to the radio program each Sunday night, but felt she had met some missionaries in Lome about 22 years ago who kept mentioning Eglise du Christ (Church of Christ). She remembered some of the teachings about the church. She was then an official at the Lome Airport but later became blind and had to return to Kpalime.

Recently she took the telephone number of the presenter and the direction and decided she was going to worship with the church one Sunday. Her search that Sunday morning took her and the motor bike taxi to several churches in the area, but each time they arrived at a church she asked several questions that the leaders of the denominations couldn’t answer. She never gave up but continued her search that Sunday morning until she came to the entrance of the church of Christ and asked for the presenter Essotena (Cephas). Though she was blind, she found the Lord’s church. Any diligent seeker of the truth will surely find it. Although the service was almost over when she got there, she was given the opportunity to tell her story. Her presence at church was a source of encouragement to to brethren after they heard her story of a long search.

Report by Willie Gley

Posted on September 21, 2014 .