Focusing On The Children At Brightland Christian Academy...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from Wotutu. I hope this mail finds you all in good health. I am reporting this week more about Brightland Christian Academy and the prison ministry because our students are out for their campaign and will return in the weeks ahead.

God has blessed us as of now to have a good new school year start. Nothing serious has happened to our kids in the Wotutu congregation, even though many parents are still lamenting about paying the fees of their children with the current financial situation in Cameroon.

We were able to wait on the Lord’s table for the congregation in Buea CP, meaning the central prison. Keep this work in your prayers as many continue to know more about the church of Christ. One brother was released and is now with us in Wotutu. Keep John Ekema in your prayers.

Many in the Wotutu community have started taking interest in Christian education, as the kids in BCA were able to play on their campus.

Kids in BCA do devotionals every morning standing in lines according to their classes before the classes begin.

Older kids can read and read. We are looking for an opportunity to do a mass sharing of Bibles to all the kids and some staff who don’t have a Bible. So, as the preacher teaches the word they will also see it with their eyes from their own Bibles.

As kids in BCA go out for lunch break, one little girl of school going age will come with her peanuts to sell. She does not go to school because there is no one to help her go to any level. We are trusting God for electricity to the campus of BCA so that the ad about adult literacy classes will help many again learn how to read and write and by so doing, they will be able to read God’s word for their very first time. Please, you can be part of this vision.

Sister Clara Bana taught a class in BCA. What a blessing to have sisters teaching in the Christian school. They will use most of their explanation and illustration to apply the Bible. Keep this work in your prayers.

Evangelist Nsong Nelson taught Bible from one class to another. The mass distribution of Bibles will help these children check on the word at home to do their assignments before the next school day.

Thinking about all these children, if these minds can be touched by the pure gospel in this tender age, where they started learning how to sing without dancing and clapping, by God’s grace they will grow to know this because they come from denominations and they will be in their denominations once a week while they will be in BCA five times a week, so it means their learning and stay in Brightland will influence them deeply. Please keep praying and see how you can be of help to this to make it work.

Lebialem mission is coming up in November.

God bless you more for all that you are doing for the work here. God alone will reward you. Keep praying for our sick brethren.

Do your best to share this with others.
Elangwe and family

Posted on September 21, 2014 .