God Is Doing Great Things In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings and peace from your brothers and sisters over here in Wotutu, Cameroon in Africa. We do hope you are all doing fine over there. Our God is good. We are moving ahead with life here. God continues to help many from their health issues. Keep praying for us.

God is great and He has done another great thing for us, with the prison administrator of Buea central prison, where one of our students was jailed for no crime that he committed. God has used that circumstance to trigger our vision to move to the prison, that while in prison he baptized souls there several times last week and the government has given us the authorization to have access to the prison to reach out the gospel to the in mates. Keep praying for us as we answer this Divine call, “I was in prison and you came to visit me.” We shall start the prison ministry this coming Sunday.

Last week was characterized with lots of blessings as students started making preparations for their exams.

After worship we went house to house sharing the good news and leaving behind tracts. This will help the readers and they will call our numbers for any doubt and further studies.

Our youth are having a class now to learn more about their involvement in Christ. We are empowering the youth, so that the future of the church is assured.

God is blessing our newly established congregations. The Batoke congregation, which was established less than six months, keeps growing as a student goes there on a weekly basis to nurture and keep the congregation going. This is also helping our students get a real picture of what it will take for them to be in the field full time.

We have a lady here that is the Tabith of our time. She is doing a lot of work in the church and the students in the Bible college. She just moved to Wotutu from another congregation. Keep her in your prayers that God will give her the desires of her heart.

Sister Vero invited all the students and some leaders of the Wotutu congregation for a lunch. It was hectic as she prepares fufu and vegetables. What a sister, as she spoke with tears that she is overjoyed with the brothers who have abandoned many things in life to preach the gospel. I was happy that some people value us because we preach the message of God.

She thrilled the students with juice and vegetable salad. It was great for us to enjoy fellowship with her in songs and prayers. God will replenish for her.

It was an opportunity for me and my wife to be part of it. Wow, it was great for my wife to be part and see how our work is valued by some people. God is good.

This week, sister Marceline obeyed the gospel in Wotutu. She is a visitor in Wotutu and she can listen to us every morning, so she came and visited to our congregation for the past four weeks. She has been regular with our programs. Keep her in your prayers as her husband watches her grow in Christ.

After the baptism of sister Marceline Ashu, the husband said, “let her go first that one day maybe he will follow. Please keep her in your prayers. Many will face persecution from family members when they obey the gospel, but her husband is watching and I know as we continue to visit them and show them love, he will respond.

1) We shall start the prison ministry this coming Sunday. Please keep this new work in your prayers.

2 We are still searching for a house to rent for the congregation in Isokolo so the church can start worshiping.

God will continue to bless you for all that you do. Thanks for your prayers and deep love shown to us and the work here. God will bless you and reward you for all the endeavors . Do your best to share this with others.

Elangwe and family
By His grace Director CBIW

Posted on August 17, 2014 .