Seeking And Saving The Lost Through Extension Training...

“To seek and save the lost” was the very purpose for Jesus coming, and must be the very heartbeat of the Christian walk today. Based on this direction, Paul further expounds by instructing Timothy to take the things that he had heard and entrust them to the faithful who would teach others. From these two passages, the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver serves in training men to preach the Gospel.

Working with others in the Extension program elevates this work even further. Consider the power of hundreds of men who, during and after their training, take the gospel of Jesus in various locations around the world. The multiplied efforts of these men exemplifies the incredible way God uses the power of the message preached to save those who believe. We are honored and privileged to work with them for the cause of the kingdom.

We are thankful for the opportunity to work in each location and to read weekly about the growth and development of the Lord’s church. This week is no exception, as the schools reporting continue to share news about the increase God is giving to the planting and watering of the Gospel. 

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is

Extension Reports 

God Is Doing Great Things In Cameroon: The students near graduation, but between now and then they are seeing the power of God working through the growth of the church.

Souls Are Added And The Message Is Expanding: The work in Togo witnesses the new birth of several and the message is reaching out in greater ways through radio.

Triple Play From SIBS, And Worth The Read: This report catches us up on the news from the Southern Institute of Biblical Studies in Nsawam-Dobro in Ghana.

God Is Glorified With Souls Added To The Kingdom: The news from Nigeria is exciting and powerful as God gave the increase to the work bringing souls into the kingdom.

Meeting The Need In Extreme Poverty: The challenges facing the poor in Tanzania touch the hearts of all who experience the situation and help was provided.

Final Thoughts 
Closing out the report this week, we express our gratitude to each of you for the ways you continue to provide for the needs of this program. We are thankful for the opportunity to be a tool in the hands of God to fulfill the Great Commission on a global scale, and we appreciate your willingness to be a fellow-worker in this effort. May God be glorified in our united efforts to train others to preach the Gospel.

God bless

Posted on August 17, 2014 .