God's Providence Works To Bring One To Christ...

Several months ago, I told you about the security guards in our area. To review, there are a number of security gates in the area that we pass through on a regular basis. It has been our practice to preach the Gospel "as we go" into all the world. In other words, we like to look for doors for evangelism in our everyday interactions. The guards rotating through these security gates provide a constant supply of prospects that I encounter on every venture from the house. In the past I have told you about how much I like sharing correspondence courses and tracts because they easily help overcome the language barrier that I face. There is no telling how far these materials reach by the time they are passed from person to person. 

The first of these guards that I met after we moved into our house back in December was a man by the name of Elibariki Daniel. We exchanged pleasantries regularly and built a friendly relationship. I frequently gave him Bible tracts which he accepted gratefully. Unfortunately, he was transferred to another post before things were able to progress beyond that. All I could do was hope that the seeds planted would take root one day.

Then, about a month ago he was rotated back to our area. I was thrilled to see him again! He quickly completed a 12-lesson correspondence course, and was ready for more. We arranged for a visit to his home for a personal Bible study with Elibariki and his wife, Rachel. We traveled far up the side of Mt. Meru. We even traveled beyond where the dirt road ends. I was actually driving on a mountainside footpath, going where no SUV had ever gone before. I marveled at how far this man traveled to work each day on his bicycle. With the help of Ahimidewe, the evangelist at the Kisongo congregation, we had a great Bible study, searching the scriptures for the answers to their questions. When we were finished, the couple recognized their need for baptism - but they weren't ready yet. Tomorrow, maybe.

So the next day I checked in with him. He said he would when he got off of work that day. So we made arrangements, but when I went to pick him up I found that he had a family emergency to attend to. Hoping that he didn't just have cold feet, I prayed that everything would be okay. 

Then this morning I received this text message, "Hi Mr. Daniel. It's me Elibariki. How about today to be baptized?" I couldn't have been happier! There is never a better time than today to be baptized! Arrangements were made, and this evening I had the pleasure of watching this young man be baptized into Christ Jesus. 

Before we parted ways for the evening, he assured me of Rachel's intentions to be baptized as well. I pray that faith continues to grow in this small household, and that God blesses them. 


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Posted on July 6, 2014 .