Preparing For The 50 Year Celebration...

We continue to enjoy our travels, seeing wonderful brothers and sisters who support the work, and sharing the great news from the Extension Program. This Sunday, were we able to visit with two congregations in Morrilton. We always enjoy seeing good friends and family, and watching their excitement as they learn about the ways God is blessing the work around the world.

The reports this week emphasize a small part of what is continually happening in great ways at the various locations where Bear Valley is able to work with brethren in training “faithful men who will teach others also” (2 Tim. 2:2). The good that is done by these brethren, as God gives the increase, is what makes reading the reports each week so refreshing.

Upon our return to Denver, later in the month, we will be finalizing plans for the biggest staff retreat the Extension program has seen. As we near the 50th year celebration of training preachers, we intend to make this retreat special with a focus on where we have been, where we are, and where we are headed in the future of the work. A little secret…this is going to be big!

We are looking forward to sharing news about the growth and development of the program in astounding ways. Plan to join us and share in the fellowship as we kick off the new school year with a special focus on Bear Valley’s work in Denver and the work where we partner with others around the world.

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is

Below is the latest report from Steven Ashcraft about the work in West Africa.

Extension Reports 

Carrying French Bibles To French Converts: The work of the students during the campaigns is extending the work throughout Cameroon.

An Interesting Trip and Students Prepare For New Enrollment: Francis experienced an interesting trip out of the country, and the enrollment grows for a new class.

The 12th Annual Bible Lectureship Is Forthcoming: A visiting instructor and an upcoming lectureship is planned for SWSE in Nigeria.

BVBIU Moves To Ternopil, Ukraine: Amidst the recent challenges in Ukraine, the school is temporarily moving the Western Ukraine.

The Influence Of NIBS In Nepal Is Growing: The news is exciting in Nepal as the influence of the school is helping the various congregations in and around Kathmandu.

About 800+ More Reasons To Read This Report: A 7-Year report from one of the graduates and other reports demonstrate why extension training is so powerful.

Report From A Graduate Of ACSOP: News from Yusuph about the work of one graduate in his work with the church is encouraging.

God’s Providence Works To Bring One To Christ: A very interesting situation of events brings a security guard back in touch with the gospel in Arusha, Tanzania.

Final Thoughts 
With a heart filled with gratitude, we give thanks to our God for each of you. Your participation in the work is the heart and soul of it all. We cannot thank you enough for all you do to help make this work what it is today. We are looking forward to an incredible year ahead, and walking with you along the way makes it that much sweeter.

God bless

Posted on July 6, 2014 .