Spiritual Wellness For Church Growth...

Dear brethren

Here is a brief report from Siem Reap, Cambodia about what we are doing as the church.

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to our fellow workers who try to serve God in different matters.

I am very grateful for your hard work for God as He will bless everyone of us for what we have done for Him (1 Co. 15:58).

Somehow, the Siem Reap church of Christ is doing our best to grow spiritually and in numbers of members.

As our topic for the congregation is now dealing with “Spiritual Wellness.” 

Since we are trying to grow, we have done some works and expect the blessing from our Lord Jesus when we leave this earth to rest with Him forever.

In the year of 2006 the Siem Reap church of Christ was established according to what we found in Acts 2, and by mid 2007 we had a Bible school set up, training more young men to preach the word of God.

Then sometime in the year of 2008, we had another church at Takam and also the church in Leang Dai. In the year 2009 we opened an orphanage called Hannah's Hope Children’s Home.

And in year 2011 a raft was made and we took students from our school to work on that raft to contribute pure water to the poor people.

In the year 2012 the gospel reached out to more villages, such as Sombu, Somroung and Tropeang Svay.

As the result, in late 2013 we had a lady at Tropeang Svay who was baptized into Christ and in 2014 we had a group of young men and women who were baptized that they are living in Somroung village.

Now we continue to teach what the early Christian did, and also as Jesus commanded us to do in Acts 2:40ff, Matt 28:18-20 and continue to plant (sow the seed) and water, trusting God will give the increase 1 Co. 3:5-9.

Please be patient and keep us in your prayers as we realize that we are young physically, but we want to be mature spiritually.

May God bless you in all things you do in His work, and may God bless the work in Cambodia as we are focus to reach our goal as well.

I tried to up load some pictures but it did not work.

I will try later.

In His service

Posted on May 11, 2014 .