Improving The System For Past And Present Students...

Brotherly greetings to you, the family and all the brethren around you.

I believe we have informed you about the break for the easter holidays. While I decided to use this break period to see my doctor to reexamine my eye problem, brother Matthew also went home to be with the family and will return by next week so that we could continue with those assignments on behalf of the school. My doctor had initially wanted me to join a batch he was going to have surgery on their eyes, but on the eve of Good Friday we called to suspend mine and fix another date after the easter holidays.

We immediately started work on what we discussed during our meeting mentioned above. We have worked on the opening of a new current account for the school.

We are also working on the filing system for both instructors and students, past and present.

The estimates for the road have not been done because I just got the brother who did the earlier one yesterday and he has promised to do for me the latest by Monday.

We have not been able to meet with the man building at the school to discuss the possibility of selling the property. Efforts are being made to locate, though.

We also have agreed to provide all results for all the students so that we can update and have their transcripts.

Thanks once again.

Posted on May 11, 2014 .