An Amazing Week For Extension Training...

The countdown to 2015 has begun. We are wrapping up the last few weeks of 2014 and pressing forward with great anticipation of how God will bless our efforts in His kingdom. The year-end results from the extension schools are nearly complete and the preliminary news is exciting. Keith Kasarjian will share a full report that summarizes these results in a few weeks. This will be a report worth reading and sharing. Our God is GREAT!

The school in Denver completes the second quarter of studies on December 19th. This will be followed by a short break for the holidays and then a new class of students will join the program in January, as another quarter begins. Seeing new students get involved in the program is exciting and we know that a few more months down the road will bring graduation. We mentioned the senior students who complete their studies over the next two weeks and we are encouraged by their plans for serving in the kingdom.

The week ahead brings graduation for the work of CBIW in Cameroon. The next matriculation ceremony is held the same day as the graduation and the new class of students will begin in January. Please pray for the brethren in Cameroon as they mourn the death of student over the weekend. Additional schools report about the events of the past week and month. We need to remember each of them as they continue to work at training the faithful of God’s church to take the gospel to their country.

Please pray for those who soon enter the work of ministry, and remember those who prepare to begin their journey in training. The continuation of this effort is changing thousands of lives every year and will reach untold numbers of others before eternity. Thank you for helping make this work a reality.

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is

The latest report from Howell Ferguson can be read by clicking here.

Extension Reports 

Joy And Sorrow Fills The Hearts Of Staff And Students In Cameroon: While they prepare for graduation, CBIW mourns the loss of a student who died over the weekend.

A Boost In The School Library Aids The Work In Kenya: A staff member in Arusha provided additional books for the library in Kenya, which will assist the students in great ways.

More And Effective Laborers For The Lord’s Kingdom In Ghana: The efforts of the school in Nsawam-Dobro are to provide more men to serve in greater ways through the kingdom.

2014: A Time Of Change, Test, And Hope In Ukraine: The challenges presented by the conflict in Ukraine continue, but there is hope for the future of the program in Ternopil.

Reflecting On The Past Year Shows God’s Hand At Work In India: The report from the Visakha Valley Bible College demonstrates God’s blessings in the work of India.

Students Near The End Of The First Year In Uganda: Even though there are challenges to the work in Uganda, the students are near the end of the first year of studies and growing.

The Lord Is Adding To The Kingdom In Paraguay: We have a new sister in Christ in Paraguay, and the development of the school nears the end of its first class of students.

A Recent Bible Camp Designed For Women Proves Encouraging In Nepal: Several ladies visited women serving in congregations of graduates in Nepal and the results were encouraging.

Evangelism And Teaching About The Church In Nigeria: The staff and students continue to focus on evangelizing and teaching on vital subjects like the church.

What Would We Be Willing To Do Just To Learn The Gospel? It is amazing to see the dedication of people who will travel to whatever lengths to hear the gospel.

An Exciting Graduation Event In Arusha, Tanzania: Sean Hochdorf shares a report about the recent graduation in Arusha, sending eight new servants into the kingdom work.

Nothing Short Of The Greatness Of Our God: The “Thanksgiving Challenge” has been met and exceeded. Our God is GREAT and He worked through you to His glory.

Final Thoughts 
As you finish reading this week’s report, we encourage you to take a moment to pray about the work of extension training. The number of people involved in the success of this program is beyond the scope of our knowledge. We do know, however, that many of you continue to make great sacrifices to share the gospel around the world. Thank you for trusting Bear Valley to be a light in training preachers.

God bless

Posted on December 7, 2014 .