Joy And Sorrow Fills The Hearts Of Staff And Students In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from this end. We do hope you are doing great in all that you. We wish you, the entire congregation, and your family compliments of the season.

We are doing better here, even though we have trouble in our hearts here now.

The students of CBIW are all completed with their courses that pave the way for their graduation this week by Thursday. Initially, we were suppose to graduate 26, but two students drop within this last quarter because of academic deficiency, so we were left with 24 qualified students to graduate. Another one of our students had an asthmatic attack yesterday and before the doctors could help, he passed on, so we are left with 23 students, by His grace, who will graduate this Thursday, December 11th 2014.

Elder Randy Martin and his wife, Robin, met students after class hours. What a great couple that came to CBIW. By the time of this letter, they will have made it back home safe without any problems.

Brother Randy taught class and after the final exams, he gave out final marks and prayed with the students. It was a great moment to fellowship and it was hard to say farewell.

Some sisters in our congregation gave them African clothes to wear. It fits well to them, but still difficult to say goodbye because of the fellowship and love for all here.

In the presence of God there is great joy and we could see it by the smile on their faces.

We have our colors for t-shirts that we use in CBIW. There is a particular one that is special, with the inscription “Thank You STC Congregation.” It was time to say thank you to the STC congregation for their oversight, prayers, and support to CBIW.

“Thank you” is a word that is common to the CBIW family. We have seen the Lord’s goodness and we say, “Thank you, Lord for bringing people who are just like us in faith and love.” Thank you, Lord.

We were able to take a family picture with the new shirts. CBIW is moving ahead.

Our brother, Assah Menge Peter, who passed away, performed brilliantly within the two years at CBIW. Four days from our official graduation, our brother never made it. Please keep his wife and family in your prayers.

His funeral program will be on the 13th and 14th after our graduation ceremony. Keep the entire CBIW staff and student body, the Wotutu congregation, and the church of Christ in Cameroon in prayer. A few days ago we lamented about the ripe field, but few laborers. Oh, oh with tears, this hard worker was supposed to do a great work to impact the communities in Bova where he was suppose to go and start his ministry.

Thursday will be graduation and matriculation of 22 new students to start their 2 years of preparation for ministry. Keep praying for us, as it is hard on our side now because of the situation.

We give thanks to God for all that we see and do. Thank you for standing with us to prepare men to preach the saving message. By next Sunday, I shall give a detailed report about our work for two years. God bless you and keep you strong. Share with others what is making news in Wotutu, Cameroon.

Elangwe and family
By His grace Director CBIW

Posted on December 7, 2014 .