Chimala Celebrates Graduation And Prepares For The Next Class...

Since 1958, when the first missionaries entered the country known as Tanganyika, men such as Guy Caskey, Eldred Echols, Al Horn, and Tom Dockery knew the importance of training men to preach the gospel. Later, Andrew Conley and a host of other faithful gospel preachers labored in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania to follow the motto of “training others” to preach and teach the gospel. Since that time, young men have gone out into towns and villages baptizing thousands of souls into Christ. 2014 has been no different. The faculty of the Chimala Bible Institute oversaw graduation. Representing the faculty was Boaz Kasiba who gave the address to the graduates. Joseph and Remmy, directors of both the Swahili and English programs, handed out the diplomas to the Swahili and English graduates. Our guest professor from the Bear Valley Bible Institute, Denton Landon, challenged the audience, graduates, and faculty with scriptural lessons encouraging continued faithfulness to the truth of God’s word. A host of family friends and members of the local mission church were on hand to congratulate the latest group of workers into the kingdom. There were 14 who graduated from the Bear Valley Bible Institute International in this year’s graduation.

A part of the training program we are involved in is the use of our students on weekends and on campaigns for evangelism training. While going out with our experienced teachers, the students learn hands-on “how to do Bible studies” and have opportunities to teach and preach and lead worship in various congregations. We had over 214 baptisms this year on the mission and surrounding areas. Peter Kamatula works in Mbeya and while students were mentored at his side they baptized 14 this past year. Remmy, the director of our English program, works with the students in teaching “Bible Knowledge,” a part of the curriculum in all Tanzania schools. There work has yielded 25 new souls to the kingdom of Christ. 

We have 15 new students who requested enrollment this next year. Tanzania has more than a half a million refugees, more than any other country on the continent of Africa. We were given the opportunity to train some men from both the Congo and Burundi this past year. Next year, there are five fine men who are faithful members of the church from one of these refugee camps who want to join our school to be trained to return to their war-torn countries and present the gospel message. Please continue to pray for our hard working faculty and staff as we all join together to continue the work that for over 50 years has been the hallmark of the Chimala Mission. 

Garry L. Hill
Chimala Bible Institute  
Bear Valley Bible Institute International

Posted on December 28, 2014 .