Seminar On Autonomy And Cooperation In Ghana...

Besides [SIBS] main objective to train men to preach the gospel, it has also become our established prerogative to defend the truth of the gospel. In that regard, the [SIBS] administration has deemed it necessary to organize a periodic study program on current issues affecting the growth of the church. Presently, the need to maintain the scriptural organization of the Lord’s church here cannot be over-emphasized.


Considering the trend in which the church is moving at this time, [SIBS] decided on the theme “Autonomy and the Churches of Christ,” which we thought would be an appropriate study for the brotherhood. Apparently, the church is coming to the crossroads in our organization where some are agitating for the need for kind of “central overseers” for the church. The seminar, organized by [SIBS], sought to address this issue by teaching on how churches could independently exist under their respective local leaders, but harmoniously work together without any central authority. The issue of congregational autonomy has become a subject of debate among the brotherhood for some time now. Under this theme, the following topics were discussed:  “Does the National Registration of Churches of Christ in Ghana Affect Congregational Autonomy?” and “How Can Autonomous Congregations of The Lord’s Church Co-operate And Work Together?”

This important seminar was held in an uncompleted auditorium without a roof top. We just had tents and were thankful it had not rained. Local church leaders from six out of the ten regions of the country attended the seminar and there were over one hundred and twenty participants. The principal speakers were: brothers Steve Ashcraft, the coordinator for [SIBS], and Ken Kesse, an elder of the church at Bomso, Kumasi, the second largest congregation in Ghana and a pioneer evangelist.

Some of the participants who attended the seminar were of the view that such an insightful forum should be organized bi-annually to not only inform the brotherhood of new teachings showing up periodically, but also to warn the brotherhood of dangers towards another apostasy.

School took a brief recess from weeks of classroom study to visit with family members and get involved in some practical work with some other congregations.

Please, continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Seth Osae-Larbi

Posted on November 2, 2014 .