Recent Break In Nepal Leads To Fruitful Service...

Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May the grace of God, love, and peace always be with you all.

It is good to write some words from NCBS. We participated in a five day youth camp Oct. 1-5 and fifteen days of a long vacation trip began from Oct. 10-24. I am writing a brief report from our trip. It was good and enjoyable for all. Brother Parsuram, Deepak, Surya, and three youths Roshan, Barsha, and Rajani, were with us from Kathmandu.

10th Oct. - We reached at Nagarkata, West Bengal, India and had an evening Bible study with them. Brothers Praju and Samul are the preachers of that congregation. We have four students from that area. Our students are showing good examples to them.

11th Oct. - A day Bible study at Nagarkata. Different lessons were presented by our teachers. Three souls were added into the Christ. Everybody was encouraged from class.

12th Oct. - We did worship service at two different places of our Christian community. It was so good.

13th Oct. - We traveled toward the Northern part of India called Mirik, the tea state. It is on a hillside. The climate was so cold. Brother Kanchan is leading the congregation. Three families are gathering for fellowship and worship service. They are good Christians. We received a warm welcome and shown good hospitality.

14th Oct. - We reached another congregation in a place called Sambalbung. This is in Nepal and touches the Indian border. Kanchan is leading this small congregation. We had two hours of Bible study with their family members.

15th Oct. - We returned back to Birtamod, Jhapa. We had evening Bible study at Brother Shanti's home with their family.

16th Oct. - We had a half-day Bible study at Birtamod. Christians were gathered from surrounding areas. We did our best to encourage them through word of God. Roshan, Barsha and Rajani joined with us from Kathmandu. Their college is closed for national holiday. They encouraged a lot of the youth. 

17th Oct. - We went to visit Brother Cornelius at Mangalbare. He is a preacher. We have recently constructed new Church building. We went to observe and encourage them. Brother Jerry Golphenee helped to construct the building. We are really thankful to brother Jerry. The younger brother of Bharat Rayamajhi constructed a new house.  We had a house dedication program at Surunga on that day.

18th Oct. - We traveled to Dharan. It took three hours by local bus. After reaching there we had some free time. So, we went to visit the Dharan hillside. We had an evening Bible study and fellowship meal with one of the families. They are a wonderful Christian family.

19th Oct. - We had Sunday morning worship service at Dharan. Brother Parsuram and Deepak returned back to Kathmandu after lunch. They had their family obligations. We had an evening Bible study and dinner with another family. Their love, hospitality, and fellowship are wonderful.

20th Oct. - Surya, Roshan, Barsha, Rajani and I travel to Lanbandhi, where graduated student, Ramesh Majhi, works. We stayed one night there. We had an evening Bible study with Hindu people.

21st Oct. - We went to Hetauda from Lalbandhi. It is 3 hours travel. We reached the house of Brother Arun's mother and father. They welcomed us. We had a Bible study with their family including some Hindu and denominations. Brother Ezekiel (graduated student) and Sajan (current student) joined us.

22nd Oct. - We left Hetauda and moved toward Brother Chandra's home. We went to Chitwan National Park for a two hour visit. It is on the way. We reached his home and had an evening Bible study.

23rd Oct. - There was a half-day Bible study at Kalikatar, where Brother Chandra is leading congregation. Members are increasing. There grew to 20 members within 2 years. He is doing a good work. Please kindly pray for his health. The doctor is going to do an operation soon. We held an evening visit program at our current student's home village.

24th Oct. - We returned back to Kathmandu.

What we achieved:

a) Christian fellowship, unity, cooperation and encouragement.
b) Sharing and caring for each other.
c) Tried to solve their immediate problems and needs.
d) Got some new students for the next group for class.
e) Some relaxing and refreshment.

What we need:
Building for worship service and other activities at India. It is our urgent need. If we were able to construct, it will encourage our current students.

Thank you all for your prayers and help.

Brother in Christ
Gajendra Deshar

Posted on November 2, 2014 .