From Students To Graduates...

Students became graduates at the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver this past weekend. Six students received their Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies and one his Master’s in Biblical Studies. The most encouraging part of the activities leading up to their completion of the program and events of this graduation is knowing these men are entering into the Lord’s kingdom with a solid foundation built in the knowledge of God’s word and the preparation necessary to preach the gospel to the lost. They will build up, strengthen and encourage the brethren. All the staff, supporters, and many others, look forward to the fruit these men will bear in their work for the Lord and His kingdom.

Within the Extension Program, the same process continues to move students closer to the destination of completing their studies and entering into kingdom work. As we mentioned last week, the Bible Institute of Honduras will complete its program of training and graduate six students the end of this month. These men have also labored diligently in preparation of a very difficult work throughout their country. More will be reported about this event in the weeks ahead.

Around the world, over 300 students are making preparations to serve our Lord in bringing others to Christ and building up the church where they live. I am constantly encouraged by the difficult environment and circumstances they endure to learn as well as the dedication they have to reach out with the message of Jesus. Exciting - is an understatement when considering the magnitude of what God is doing through His people and it is only beginning!

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Jerry Bates’ latest report can be seen by clicking here.

Extension Reports 

A Baptism Worth Reading About In Cameroon: A recent conversion in the village of Wotutu will have a great affect on the development of the church.

Reflecting On The Progress In Cambodia: Since the beginning of the International Bible Institute in Cambodia five years ago, the growth has been exciting.

Pray For The Loss In Chimala: One of the 2nd grade students in the primary school on the mission was recently killed in an accident.

A Successful Seminar In Nigeria: Staff and students at the Southwest School of Evangelism was a successful event in Nigeria.

The Genuine Nature Of Conversion In Liberia: As the gospel is preached throughout Liberia souls are being added to the kingdom.

The Final Stretch Of The Quarter: As students in Arusha attend the two weeks of short courses they finish out this quarter of studies. As well, the work is growing. 

Final Thoughts
A closing word of gratitude for your continued involvement with the Extension Program. I am humbled more each day when I recognize the magnitude of this work and how little my role is in it as a whole. Each of you and the diligent labor you are putting into the daily operations of the teaching and training of these students, the financial support provided, and all the prayers offered on behalf of the Bible Institute and each of the locations we are privileged to partner with, along with the Great God we serve make this work possible. Thank you!

God bless

Posted on May 19, 2013 .