Students In The Final Stretch Of The Quarter...

Greetings Fellow Servants:

We greet you with thankful hearts and in Christian love. We hope and pray all is well in your life and that God is having His way with you, no matter what life might be dealing you.

We are good here in Tanzania, thankful for the privilege to serve. The pre-campaign efforts are well underway. One has obeyed the gospel at White Rose and another soul has been added to the Kingdom at Ndurgoto. 

The students are in the final stretch, two weeks left in this quarter. We are thankful for John Galloway who taught last week, Christian Doctrine & Ethics. The students were more than thrilled as to John’s class and wisdom only a mature man of God can have. John brought his daughter and 2 granddaughters from Birmingham with him for their first visit to Tanzania. They joined Stephanie in Bible studies at White Rose and Jennifer who is also an RN joined her 2 days working at the TCC clinic in Monduli. 

This week we are blessed to have our brother Chuck Ramseur from Denver, CO. He will be teaching “The New Testament Church” to the first year students. Please remember Chuck’s wife Brianna and their four children in his absence.

We are also blessed to have Ralph, Cindy (Ralph’s wife), and Kaitlin Williams (Ralph & Cindy’s daughter) coming in tonight from the Dallas, TX. Both Chuck and Ralph are part of the BV extension program, teaching men in their own country the Word of God, that in turn these men might take the saving message of the Gospel to their own people and the people of the world.

Yusuph write two souls obeying the Gospel at the new church plant at Katoro (near Ushirombo, just south of Lake Victoria. Gasper sent a note informing us of one soul being added to the Church today at Mongere (a congregation planted by the Mto wa Mbu congregations). 

Our brother Ahimidiwe and some of the ACSOP students have traveled to the Babati region where a congregation has built their own meeting house. Because of the love and generosity of the Edgefield congregation in Dallas, TX donating the funds, they will begin putting on the roof. While this is going on others will be going house to house evangelizing. Through their teaching three souls were restored to the Lord today.

We close with thanksgiving for all the team efforts that take place daily making this mission work of God possible. You, our friends and supporters, are never far from our hearts and prayers, thank you! 

We ask for your prayers on behalf of our dear sister Soneia Galloway. She will have surgery in the morning followed by months of treatment.

Till we meet again, may our God be with you each step of the way. 

In Him, 
Cy, Stephanie & Granny

More from Cy...

I hope all is will in your life and work. Below is a short report from our brother Fariji. It is an amazing thing to see the hand of God working in the lives of His people. Just 15 short years ago, this new convert, would attend the ABS and later the ACSOP. He has given his life since that time to the furtherance of the Gospel. Through you, Fariji, and the Lord's blessings through the TZ2000 mission effort, the Usa River congregation grew from a dozen souls to more than 80. 

The need was seen for additional church plants and the congregation, under the leadership of our brother Fariji, did just that. So, from this small group, the Maji ya Chai and the Manyire congregations were planted. Through the combined efforts of the local congregations, the TZ2000 team, the Safari for Souls efforts, our friends, supporters, and team players (the Second and Adams group out of OK), there was another church plant last year, the Ngurdoto Church of Christ. 

That small group of a dozen souls has grown into four congregations with a combined membership of around 135 souls, and growing. 

Thank you all and may our God bless each of you in a very special way.

Date         Attendance     Baptized/ restored                                       

07/04/2013     37          

14/04/2013     43       4 restored                   

14/ 04/ 2013   30                  

28/ 04/ 2013   33


We believe that you are well. We are doing well. About the work of God, it is good, still it sometimes becomes very tough but I thank you to pray me and church.

About the church building windows help request; we have been asking you for this because the windows are not good. Is not the greater amounts of air being help this, the God will glory. Thank you for you are praying to us and church.  

May God bless you.   

Very truly yours,  
Fariji Paul and church

Posted on May 19, 2013 .