Short Courses End And Campaigns Begin...

Dearest in Christ,

Peace and love from your brothers and sisters in Wotutu. We do hope you and the entire family over there are doing great, praise God.

Last week in CBIW was busy as usual, as all 27 students were involved in their short course that marked the end of their first year of studies in CBIW. We say bravo to our God for all His providence and care.

Brother Ralph and sister Cindy are still in Cameroon, but they have finished honorably all that was assigned them to do. In a few days they will take off from our shores. Please keep them in your prayers till they make it back home on Wednesday night.

Brother Ralph Williams gave last minutes instructions to students before their final exams in the book of Galatians. It was great as the students testified, he is a great teacher.

After the exams we took a picture with thumbs up meaning “we are not alone.”

Brother Ralph taught in our youngest congregation, which is three weeks old now in Down Beach, Limbe, on the topic “Christian Principles.”

Sister Cindy stood at our pulpit teaching the women of Cameroon in a one day seminar that was initiated for the ladies. It was great as many sisters in Cameroon, who were part of the class, loved it and solicited the class to be organized again so that many other sisters who were not informed this time around could be involved.

It was also time for praise and prayers as the program was just for one day, but it was so uplifting to the sisters as 8 congregations, excluding Wotutu, were present with 57 ladies in attendance. Praise God for this initiative.

The sisters were also able to take a family picture. It was great and it was all fun. In God’s presence there is joy and there is the fullness of joy. This is what the sisters experienced as they departed Wotutu. We are praying and hoping such a program has come to stay to empower our sisters in many domains of life.

All the students in CBIW are on their way to 26 different locations for the last evangelism effort for the year, 2013. Keep them in your prayers as some will be in the village of Dikome where there is no congregation to see how they can help establish a congregation. Keep them in your prayers please.

Sister Hilda Mesumbe, one of our graduates’s mother, obeyed the gospel in Wotutu. Keep her in your prayers to grow to maturity and that the rest of her 5 children, who are not Christians, will follow her foot steps in Christ.

The family of God is great, catching fun after worship today beside our dormitories. What a great family of God.

Please keep me in your prayers as I travel to Nigeria this week. I will be there until almost the close of the year. I am going over there to get some books donated to us for our library. When I return I will give you a comprehensive report of what made news throughout 2013.

My heart is full of joy, and are the hearts of many here in our congregation and the entire student body. We say thank you Lord. We thank our Lord for His great care and love to us and His providence to us through you. Oh we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your prayers, care, love and support to us and our ministries for the year. God bless you and continue to watch over you. You are a pillar that the Lord is using to accomplish many here. All glory goes to Him.

Do your best to share our reports with many around. God bless you and keep you safe. We wish you, your family and the congregation of the Lord a fruitful year - 2014 - in advance. God loves us.

Elangwe and family

BY His grace director CBIW

Posted on December 8, 2013 .