Fetish Priest And Wife Converted...

The gospel truly has the power to save. This can be the only explanation for what is being done in Togo. In Hanyigba, near Kpalime, a fetish priest has operated for several years indulging himself in all kinds of activities with his evil powers. Several people had consulted him for evil powers and for years he had been considered a very powerful man in the area. The mention of his name sent shivers down the spine of individuals. The natives couldn’t believe what they were hearing about the native doctor becoming a Christian.

John Akli, a former student of CBS stood before this ‘powerful man’ in the name of the almighty God taking the confession of this fetish priest. To the right, the powers of this native doctor were on display. It was a display of the source of his powers. He brought them to be destroyed by the Power of God. On this day two powers crashed and God of heaven was victorious. I don’t know how this may sound to you, but brethren, this is a very significant event in the African contest. All these have been made possible through our weekly radio program and evangelistic outreach programs in the area. Continue to pray for the success of the Gospel.

2013-2014 CBS STUDENTS
Twenty men have committed themselves to two years training to preach the gospel of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Out of the twenty in the class, only four came from the the Church of Christ. However, as at the time of writing this report, seven (7) students who came in as denominational pastors or church leaders have been baptized. These have been made possible through the daily instructions at the school, church activities and the radio program. We are so grateful to God for the lives of these men.

Class in session at CBS
Courses for the first semester include:

    1.    Genesis 

    2.    Homiletics 

    3.    Old Testament Survey 

    4.    Scheme of Redemption

    5.    The Church 

    6.    Evangelism 

    7.    West African Traditional Religion 

    8.    French 

    9.    The book of Acts 

    10.    The Gospel of John 

The Nyiveme church was blessed with a number of baptisms during the month under consideration. A part from the students, some other individuals were baptized too. A lady who is a wife of one of our members who had a stroke and was confined to the house, but when recovering decided to submit to Christ through baptism. Her decision was based on what God has done for her during her sickness. She attributes her gradual recovery to the work of God and this is her way of showing appreciation.


During my recent trip to Kpalime, I met some of the church leaders to discuss the end of year activities. The area churches have planned to hold the annual Bible camp in Kpalime under the Theme: “Christians and material blessings.” Twelve congregations will converge at EYOH and several messages under the above theme would be delivered by preachers. The organizers are expecting about 150 participants.

December 31st “Watch Night Service”
On the last day of each year, Christians in the Kpalime area meet in Kpalime at a service dubbed “ Watch Night Service” to say goodbye to the old year and usher in a new year (2014). This service is characterized by singing, praying, and peaching. The service usually starts from 9:00 pm till 12:30 am. The service is followed by a fellowship meal and there after brethren depart for their homes.

I was privileged to worship with the Nyiveme Church of Christ on my recent trip to Kpalime. One of the recent graduates taught the class and one brought the sermon. The Nyiveme congregation is blessed with preachers and teachers because most of the recent graduates are currently worshiping there. These preachers are paired with the students for weekend visits to local congregations. We hope that very soon they will all have congregations to work with.



Posted on December 8, 2013 .