Year 2 In The Kenya School Of Preaching Is Underway...

Dear  brother,

What a way to end the year 2013 for KSOP!

By God’s grace the year 2013 has come to an end. We thank God for leading us through it. It is a December break at the Kenya school of Preaching, we just finished year 2 Quarter 1.  We cannot also forget to thank all brethren who through their prayers, advice and generosity helped us to be what we are. Thanks! There are those who made trips to come and teach at KSOP, thanks.

Cy Stafford, a man who through his influence in East and Central Africa many preachers have been trained and thousands of souls rescued, visited KSOP accompanied by Jimmy Gee the Director of ACSOP in Tanzania. It was great having Cy and Jimmy teaching undergraduate (The Book of James and Marriage and family life) and graduate (O.T Criticism and Advanced Greek Reading – Ephesians) classes respectively for two weeks, it was like a dad paying visit to his children. Indeed, a great way to end the year! Welcome again.

There is still room for other foreign teachers to come and teach short courses, get in touch with me or Mike Reese the KSOP Coordinator on that.  

The students are doing well with the classes, they go for the break with the ability to stand up and give a defense concerning the hope in them with meekness and fear (1Pet 3:15), with the ability to establish and conduct bible studies and preach in all seasons. During the past breaks, the students have been actively involved in gospel meetings and campaigns with many souls obeying the gospel.

In the coming year 2 Quarter 2, we want to sent the students out as much as possible to evangelize and help the local congregations around Kisumu region and out, we will need your prayers to realize this.

The school still requests commentaries, dictionaries, bible softwares that we can use in our library computers, we have received some books and we really appreciate all who have given.

We look forward to another great year coming as we continue to labor in the Kingdom. Keep us in your prayers as we join other brethren during this break in gospel meetings and campaigns.

God bless your labor in the Kingdom.

His servant,
Charles Ogutu, Director KSOP

Posted on December 1, 2013 .